Celebration of friendship

20 + 30 = 50: the largest Russian tour operator for receiving foreign guests, Academservice celebrated its 30th birthday. The guest of the gala evening was Dolores Travel Group.

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Uzbek wedding stir

Holding a wedding in Uzbekistan is a difficult but amazing process that requires serious preparation, accurate negotiations and implementation of the subtleties of national mentality.

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Uzbekistan invites Malaysian tourists

The embassies of Uzbekistan and Malaysia together with the tourist company Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd will organize a tour with a special guest - the popular Malaysian chef Datuk Redzuwan Ismail

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Somewhere in the Nuratau mountains...

- Where there is a place where time has no power? - Where your soul feels good... Residents of the Sentob village in Navoiy region followed the above: there is no time, evil & superstitions, but only bright, kind, good...

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Having learned about the preferences of tourists for 2020, the popular Lonely Planet guidebook has found out who will become favorite in near future.

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Termez & the Buddhist era

The Buddhism ideology penetrated into Central Asia from India, where paganism to this day remains if not the main, but secondary stronghold of religion.

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According to the decree of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from September 18, 2019, in the rules of entry and exit the country without visas were made following corrections.

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