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Ceramics of Gijduvan

There are many tales and legends about Central Asian ceramics: the magic bowl (piala, cup) of Bukhara Sultan, the bowl steal the heart of the harsh ruler or beautiful dishes (lyagans), their patterns seem alive.

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If metal working has appeared later than ceramics, then not for much. And indeed, chasing surpasses all other types of crafts according to age. It is the oldest type of applied art, and the most magnificent specimens of it can be found in Bukhara.

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Fergana Knives Breed

Chust knife is a well-known word combination in Russia and abroad. It seems that there is no difference what knife one uses to chop carrots for pilaf, a national Uzbek knife or a Japanese ceramic kitchen knife.

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People of knowledge say that everything in the world in form of dome originated from tyubeteyka (traditional Central Asian skullcap).

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Carpet-weaving is one of the oldest types of applied arts which Uzbekistan is famous for. Eastern carpets live long lives.

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Uzbekistan Karakul Paradise

Due to local wisdom “Prepare the sled in summer, and cart in winter”, we would like to tell you about one of Central Asian miracle. Historical motherland of karakul is the territory of modern Uzbekistan.

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Samarkand Silk Paper

There is an amazing workshop “Meros” in the Konig village, near Samarkand. Guests of Dolores Travel Services have a unique opportunity to observe the production of the famous Samarkand silk paper, from beginning to end, and it’s very interesting!

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