Samarkand Hotels



The 4-star Registon Plaza Hotel is located inside the heart of Samarkand - between the boulevard and the historic center, from where it is close to the main attractions - the Registan Square & the Gur-Emir Mausoleum.
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One of the best hotels in ancient Samarkand, Grand Samarkand Superior has become a luxurious addition to the face of legendary historical city. Top class service, nice relaxing atmosphere – all of this encourages guests to return in cozy rooms again.
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Malika Prime Samarkand Hotel 4**** an enviable site owner – across the road is the Tamerlane tomb, majestic Gur-Emir. Look for Malik Prime hotel on the popular & lively, locals & tourists’ favorite - University street.
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Malika Classic Hotel 3*** was opened in 2001, Samarkand, on Khamroev Avenue. Total in ancient Marakand submitted 3 hotels of the same name network.
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The four-star Malika Diyora Hotel is a nice place for relaxation in ancient and magical Samarkand. Built-in 2013, the inn has already become popular both among the guests of the legendary Silk Road city and locals.
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Sultan Samarkand Boutique Hotel is located in a building built in 2014, decorated as the Lord’s Palace in an elegant miniature, making it seem even more fabulous. Admire the mosaics’ radiance and turrets-guldasta under the moonlight & stars!
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City Samarkand Hotel 3*** - another hotel opened in 2007 with a winning central location, on the Boulevard "University", where you can reach medieval monuments of 3000-year-old city and placers of charming cafes.
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Among the wide choice of hotels in Samarkand, Asia Samarkand is one of the largest hotels that belong to the famous hotel chain Asia - will be ideal decision for holiday.
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Located on Vohid Abdullo street - 1 km from the international aeroport and 12 minutes to the train station. The closest architectural landmark – necropolis Shakhi-Zinda.
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Uzbekistan Shopping

Real Uzbekistan tourism is impossible without good shopping. Artisan skills of the local people are what makes this country famous today. You will be able to visit the places where you will see how people create all those pieces of art, then choose the artworks you like the most, and buy them. Silk clothes, needlework, handmade ceramics with authentic pictures, and many other handmade products will serve as good reminders about the trip or as beautiful presents for your close people.

We like working with unusual requirements. So, if you want to order any unusual tourist program, just inform us. Shopping, cuisine, or any other type of tour your fantasy can invent is possible with our agency.

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