President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree defining new regulations for customs-free import of consumer goods by individuals.

According to the document, consumer goods imported by individuals and priced under $2,000 if crossing the Uzbek border through international airports and $1,000 if crossing by railway and river border inspection points are freed from customs duties.

Consumer goods entering the country via road border inspection points are not subject to customs duties if priced under $300.

Limiting the rate of goods export from Uzbekistan by individuals without customs declaration is established in the amount of $ 3,000.

Restrictions for customs-free import of consumer goods by individuals are also provided by the decree. The limitation for alcohol production, including beer is 2 liters, for all varieties of tobacco production – 10 packs, jewelry made of precious metals and stones – 65 grams, perfume, and Eau de toilette-3 units.

Quotas for various goods exported by individuals were determined as well: 3 kilograms for rice, 5 kilograms for bakery, 2 kilograms for meat and meat products, 2 kilograms for sugar, 2 kilograms for vegetable oil, 40 kilograms for fresh and dried vegetables and fruits, grape, gourds, beans.

Import and export of the aforementioned consumer goods under the respective quotas are carried out without obligatory written declaration. The exception is international post and expresses delivery sendings.

Earlier, citizens were allowed to import goods priced under $10 ($25 before the previous changes) from neighboring countries customs-free from June 2009.