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About us
Dolores Travel: Tour Operator Uzbekistan and Central Asia

Professional tour operator Uzbekistan, Dolores Travel Group provides segment travel services - hotel reservations in Uzbekistan & transfers, as well as tours to Uzbekistan 2023 from USA & UK, Germany & Scandinavia, Italy, Spain & Southeast Asia.

Tours to Uzbekistan from the tour operator Dolores Travel – "clean prices" without agency surcharges, a guarantee of the quality of service "on the ground": hotels & restaurants are checked by the directorate. Own fleet of vehicles & full-time drivers is the cornerstone of safety & comfort even in the desert and mountains. Licensed tour managers, guides-enthusiastic experts in the history of Uzbekistan provide only reliable information.

Partners will be supported in promoting Uzbekistan as an attractive tourist destination for clients. We will be happy to tell you about the peculiarities of Uzbekistan tourism, how a holiday in Tashkent differs from a trip to Khiva, what is the short route from Samarkand to Bukhara, and organize meals in any corner of Uzbekistan, whether it is a dietary, vegetarian, Halal or Kosher menu.

Dolores Travel tour managers will create an author's Uzbekistan tour based on personal preferences and will help you choose the right tour program. Traveling in Uzbekistan, you will be amazed by the natural and historical sights of Uzbekistan, enjoy the fantastic cuisine of nomads, and go on a pilgrimage to the sacred relics of Sufism!

Dolores Travel Services Uzbekistan Guarantees Unforgettable Journey

Plan to spend holidays in Uzbekistan? Welcome to use the services of our Asian travel agency – we know every corner of one of the most ancient states of the East that remembers Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Tamerlane. Uzbekistan will enchant you with a combination of antiquity and modernity in noisy Tashkent, amaze with masterpieces of architecture in Samarkand and Bukhara, win your heart with the taste of pilaf and Laghman, Samsa, and oriental dumplings, and reveal secrets of the local history and culture.

Tours to Uzbekistan will show you the only place on the planet similar to the world of fairy tales we know since early childhood! Each city, street, house – everything has its thousand years’ history with its stories, oriental wisdom, customs, and traditions. We organize your trip to a country of contrasts. Tashkent is the best proof of the fact that contrasts may look very harmonious: old houses and modern business centers, legendary tea houses and restaurants, bazaars and hypermarkets, old bearded Uzbek men and young people on roller skates and bikes.

We have been organizing tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia for 24 years already. Therefore, if you have been considering the mysterious and fascinating East countries as your vacation destination, our Asia travel agency will provide you with the best offer for your Uzbekistan holiday with a full range of services. With our company, you can order the following types of tours:

• historical and culinary tours (oldest cities and national dishes);

• active and adventure tours (biking, skiing, tours on horseback and on camels);

• tours with the program developed for you personally;

• business tours with the planning of your seminars and meetings.

We also provide our customers with visa support, hotel reservations (reasonable prices for high-quality service) & transport services between the cities, as well as transfers airport-hotel (passenger cars, buses, vans, SUVs, high-class cars).

Why Uzbekistan?

1. Hospitality. Here every guest is treated with respect.

2. Nature. Take the time to travel to different corners of the country, and you will feel the earth breathing. You will like the blooming gardens of the Ferghana Valley, plains, and beautiful mountain scenery.

3. National cuisine. Do not miss an opportunity to taste a great number of recipes of horse meat and drink delicious Uzbek wine.

4. Security. Representatives of more than 100 nations live in peace and friendship here as this is what Uzbekistan's lifestyle means.

Dolores Travel Services - your tour operator in Uzbekistan!

For tourists from the CIS countries, Uzbekistan, of course, is not unpredictable exotic, which is impossible to travel without a guide. Uzbekistan is still an open secular country, in which there are almost the same laws as in the rest of the post-Soviet space, with a few exceptions. You can travel alone.

But for many tourists, it is much easier and more convenient to shift all documentary and organizational issues to professionals, especially since it is often cheaper and calmer. When a tour operator is in charge of your travels around the country, the trip is easy, safe, and serene. And you spend all your time on impressions, not on solving problems and tasks.

The tour operators of our company are very different, but they are united by one property — an exceptionally professional approach to work. As well as attention to detail, excellent knowledge of all legislation in the field of tourism, and love for Uzbekistan.

Each of them knows the republic up and down, perfectly oriented in routes, prices, features of the regions - each of them can safely entrust their journey!

Choose your tour operator, contact, find out all the details for any questions

Shakhnoza Bayzakova

Managing Director with Russian and English ([email protected])

Anastasiya Markina

Business Development Director with English & Russian ([email protected])

Rano Umarova

Sales Director with Russian and English ([email protected])

Ravshan Mamadaliev

Head of MICE & VIP division with English & Russian ([email protected])

Aleksandr Kudryavtsev

Sales Director with Russian & English ([email protected])

Umida Ibraimova

Sales Director with French and Russian ([email protected])

Akmal Abdullaev

Sales Director with Spanish & English ([email protected])

Shokhsanam Khalibaeva

Sales Director of MICE & VIP division with Russian ([email protected])

Anna Vishnevskaya

Sales Director with Russian & English ([email protected])

Dilyara Nigmatzyanova

Travel Manager with Russian ([email protected])

Guzal Salieva

Travel Manager with Italian ([email protected])

Rustam Aliev

MICE&VIP事業部セールスディレクター(英語・ロシア語) ([email protected])

Mukhammadali Kholbotirov

Travel Manager with English & Russian ([email protected])

Sabina Uzokova

Travel Manager with English & Russian ([email protected])

Aziza Bakhramova

Travel Manager with English & Russian ([email protected])

Farkhad Rustamov

Senior Coordinator of MICE & VIP Projects with English & Russian ([email protected])


Dolores Travel Services company has successfully operated in the global market of tourism since 1998. By this time, the company takes up a key place in the listing of Uzbekistan tour agents that provide tour packets along with Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

We have rich experience of performing tours in Central Asia, designing pins with affiliates throughout the Land, thoroughly formation of each trip – that’s why we ensure the top quality services to our clients. A unified concept of the work – you pick the most suitable tour, or we generate an individual itinerary for your recommendations – then our personnel care of all organizational problems.

We will pick the most comfortable flights and best airfare, book the best chambers in prestigious hotels, provide comfortable transfers and develop routes, excursions, highly qualified guides – all this enables our guests to completely delight in a great vacation and rich journey, feeling in an exotic country cozy home. Uzbekistan tourism has great potential and excellent infrastructure for convenient travel. You will discover the beautiful nature of the area, enjoy the excellent Uzbek cuisine, and visit pilgrimage places to distinctive historic monuments and Saint Places.

Let us learn your desires — we will organize for you historical, cultural, sporting, gastronomic, or adventure tours to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, or Turkmenistan! Exciting historical monuments, a professional team will keep unforgettable feelings of fondness and cordiality in the heart of each wanderer, thirsty to experience the history and customs of the East. We have acquitted standing as one of the most technologically progressive companies in Uzbekistan tourist market, reducing time spent on operations, answering queries, and providing prompt feedback to customers ‘requests.

Not only a wide selection of 2-3* and contemporary luxurious 5* hotels, but opportunity to reserve business category inns in Tashkent, Samarqand, and Bukhara in specified mid and off seasons with good discounts we provide. Producing any duration tours up to traveler’s selection allows us the number of flights to Uzbekistan offered by diverse flag carriers (see HOW TO FLY TO UZBEKISTAN). On arrival to Uzbekistan, we provide you with passport control and all formalities in minimal time and with maximum comfort, avoiding the long queues. This service is intended to save the time of travelers, which is especially important in business trips.

DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES proposes services of its own air-conditioned fleet. All vehicles meet international standards of quality and safety. The driver waits for tourists near the entrance to the airport, helping to pack the luggage, and will take you along a fixed route. Our clients have the ability to transfer both individually and in groups. At every stage, we pay most of the attention to quality control of services.

Short list of tourist services that we can offer you: Individual and group tours within Uzbekistan & Central Asia Online hotels reservation – Worldwide & Uzbekistan Visa support Transfer services Symposium, Conference, Meeting, Events Uzbekistan INCENTIVE tours Pick/up & drop services at Tashkent and Moscow aeroports during corporate travel, CIP lounge VIP-service for the most exacting travelers.

25 years of ongoing experience enable us to infer that the major standards in cooperation with clients are: Superior level of provided services Flexible price formation Soundness and reliability of travel desk Reciprocal beneficial interactions with clients

Tour operator ‘’DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES’’ is flattered to see you among the friends and hopes for the long term and reciprocally advantageous collaboration!

Welcome to Uzbekistan

Let me welcome all people who are interested, and concerned – namely the guests of our wonderful country!

It is great that many tourists from all over the world can afford to visit the Great Silk Road cities. Tourism in our country is not only a business but also the opportunity to demonstrate the hospitality and cordiality rooted in our people's mentality. From time immemorial, people living in our land have eagerly awaited caravans to learn something new, gain cultural values and demonstrate their achievements.

Our Company’s mission is: to get you well-informed about our country, the history, and the beauty of this land and do our best that your journey will be pleasant while your visit to Uzbekistan.

For more than 22 years, our Company has achieved impressive results. In the year we began, the company was represented by only one manager with its own car fleet numbered four Volgas (Russian cars). We offered tours from Tashkent through Samarkand and Bukhara, to Khiva. After years of operation, we expanded the range of our services, and by 2000 we had acquired the infrastructure and developed our relations with all suppliers located along the Routes.

Today, DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES is represented by 70 people. They are multilingual, highly professional employees who tackle almost all the tasks related to traveling around Uzbekistan, including all the arrangements from visa support to organizing any kind of events within the inbound tourism framework. The fleet with compulsory insurance plus CASCO Complex insurance with coverage in the amount of 300,000 Euros is equipped with all the necessary types of transport for tourists and large groups of travelers: buses, minibusses, minivans, and sedans, including premium class, available for round-the-clock service at the airport for arrival and departure.

We have created a lot of unique routes within these years – not only within our Republic but also beyond it, almost on the whole Silk Road. These years, our tours include five Central Asian countries, and we work closely with our partners from Iran and China. Would you like to have exotic adventure travel, we can offer you Safari in the Kyzyl-Kum desert area, and Jeep tours across Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan. Our Team never stops at what has been accomplished. There are many amazing places in Uzbekistan; they are far away from traditional roads but undoubtedly worth seeing!

The main reason for our company's pride is our employees. Many of them have worked for DOLORES TRAVEL since the first day of its foundation. They are young and concerned enthusiasts who always do much more than they promise. They always evaluate the situation from the position of a tourist, which helps them successfully cope with the numerous tasks. That is why the travelers’ testimonials, their recommendations, and gratefulness have always been the best advertisement for us.

Uzbekistan is a unique country that combines so many factors for a wonderful unforgettable journey, such as a favorable climate – our tourist season lasts for almost 8 months and each season has its own charm. It is also a delicious cuisine, wholehearted hospitality, and joy of receiving guests; it is organic food: almost year-round there are fresh vegetables and fruits. It is the bright sun and an abundance of greenery. The landscape is diverse: there are deserts and mountains, lakes and green oases. And, of course, it is our cultural and historical heritage represented by more than 4000 monuments of architecture. Rich history and culture which I think a real traveler would be happy to touch. Having come to our country, one can understand what Marco Polo was looking for here, the reason why Alexander the Great thought to get here, what Amir Temur guarded in this land, what was the source of inspiration for Omar Khayyám and Ferdowsi, what sky Ulugbek was looking up and why Abu Ali ibn Sina loved this land with his whole heart…

Best Regards, CEO Farkhad Rasulev http://farkhadrasulev.com