Bukhara Hotels



Grand Bukhara Hotel is in the administrative center of the city at the interfaces between the old and the new parts of the city. Due to the location, you can view the panorama of the whole city with its majestic blue-domed madrassahs and high minarets.
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Asia Bukhara Hotel is a part of the popular hotel chain in Uzbekistan, represented also in Samarkand, Fergana and Khiva cities. Within a walking distance from the hotel, you will find buildings and monuments of the old Bukhara.
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The Devon Begi Hotel is located in 50 meters distance from the famous Lyabi Khauz Ensemble. Rooms are decorated in local Bukhara style and have all modern facilities. This small but cozy two-story hotel was built in 2011.
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Sasha & Son Hotel Bukhara is located in the heart of Bukhara, in a few minutes walking distances from architectural Lyabi Hauz Ensemble. The originality of Sasha & Son Hotel lies in a dissimilitude of each room, which designed in ancient Bukhara style.
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The Kukeldash is a bright and cozy hotel located in the heart of the old town. The hotel is located right on the road, so a drive from the airport will take you as little as five minutes.
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Omar Khayam Hotel Bukhara is one of the best private hotels in the city and in Uzbekistan in whole. Unique location in the picturesque old part of Bukhara, where all ancient monuments are concentrated.
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Malika Bukhara Hotel provides modern and comfortable rooms within walking distance from the Lyabi-Hauz historical complex. The hotel offers meeting and conference halls for up to 60 people and a business center fully equipped.
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The new Hotel Modarikhon is located on the outskirts of the old quarter of Bukhara near the Chor-Minor Madrasah. Just a two-minute walk from the hotel there is another attraction — the Lyabi-Khauz Complex where many city tours start.
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The hotel Rangrez is the harmony of Oriental and European style. It has a magnificent design and a perfect location at the beginning of the ancient city. Modern technologies, diversity of choices and high quality of service.
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Uzbekistan Shopping

Real Uzbekistan tourism is impossible without good shopping. Artisan skills of the local people are what makes this country famous today. You will be able to visit the places where you will see how people create all those pieces of art, then choose the artworks you like the most, and buy them. Silk clothes, needlework, handmade ceramics with authentic pictures, and many other handmade products will serve as good reminders about the trip or as beautiful presents for your close people.

We like working with unusual requirements. So, if you want to order any unusual tourist program, just inform us. Shopping, cuisine, or any other type of tour your fantasy can invent is possible with our agency.

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