”DOLORES TRAVEL” is one of the leading travel companies in Uzbekistan, offering transport services in the domestic tourism area.

Dolores Travel Group has its own transportation park:

 Golden Dragon Buses:

Hyundai H1 Minivans:

1 - 49+2 seats (2019)

1 - 47+2 seats (2018)

1 Standard, 12 seats (2019)

7 - 45+2 seats (2018) 

13 - 43+2 seats (2015)

1 Business, 12 seats (2019)

1 - 35+2 seats (2018)

3 - 31+2 seats (2018)

1 Luxury, 5 seats (2019)

1 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, 19 seats (2016)

8 Golden Dragon Minivans, 12 seats (2017-2018)

42 CHEVROLET, 4 seats (2017-2019)

By request: Premium Vehicles MERCEDES and TOYOTA LAND CRUISER

1 airport shuttle 24-hours on duty























Golden Dragon 2019

1 Day in Tashkent:180 USD

  • Number of transports:7
  • Capacity:47 person
  • Air conditioning:2
  • Display:2

One way (Airport - Hotel or Hotel - Airport)

: 60 USD

: 60 USD

Sprinter Mercedes-Benz 2016

1 Day in Tashkent:150 USD

  • Number of transports:1
  • Capacity:19 person
  • Air conditioning:1
  • Display:1

One way (Airport - Hotel or Hotel - Airport)

: 50 USD

: 50 USD

Minivans Golden Dragon 2017-2018

1 Day in Tashkent:80 USD

  • Number of transports:8
  • Capacity:12 person
  • Air conditioning:1
  • Display:1

One way (Airport - Hotel or Hotel - Airport)

: 30 USD

: 30 USD

With a variety of models, you can choose the best option based on the number of passengers, eliminating overpayments.

- For groups of 14 to 45 people, we recommend the spacious Golden Dragon Xiamen bus

- For groups of 3 to 8 people, the minivan Toyota Grand Hiace is the perfect choice

- Individual tourists can travel with a comfortable sedan Chevrolet Lacetti

All vehicles of our company are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems.


Looking around the Uzbekistan tourist cities on Golden Dragon Xiamen, you can truly relax while traveling. It is perfectly equipped with transforming soft seats, technically-equipped cabin with air conditioning, so necessary in the hot Uzbekistan summer. Your luggage is placed in a volumetric compartment, in the cabin, there is space for hand luggage and necessary stuff.


Roomy and comfortable minivans Toyota Grand Hiace are equipped with two air conditioners, which support the optimal temperature in the cabin for passengers. Soft seats and comfortable cabins make the trip enjoyable.


Comfortable Lacetti Gls Dohc sedans guarantee the space & comfort. Lacetti has effective insulation and low vibration. Spacious interior with soft seats, climate control, and an audio system with MP3 playback – nothing will distract you from the scenery outside the window.


Every tourist after the trip necessarily remains a lot of impressions. The general opinion consists not only of the room's comfort, infrastructure, and compliance with personal wishes. The convenience of the transfer also plays a role. All kinds of an unexpected delay spoil sometimes the whole impression. Dolores Travel company will help to eliminate such problems and give you maximum pleasure from the journey.

With a reliable transport service, you going on a long trip without fuss, appoint for a business meeting and eliminate inconvenience to arriving guests.

On any trip: personal, travel, business important predictability, and no unpleasant surprises – this ensures the quality of transfers on a pre-planned route. With us, you should not worry about time, occurrences of unexpected situations.

The service's advantages include the ability to develop a precise route. This point is important if the trip combined with sightseeing, exploring the city, countryside or at the intersection of the capital, filled with traffic jams.

Travel using our fleet provides ideal conditions for excursions, transfers, and passenger transport at any point in Uzbekistan.


Recently bus tours are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to such obvious advantages, such as money-saving, land travel in Uzbekistan is an opportunity to see the scenic spots and diverse natural landscapes, local life, soak up the genuine country spirit.

Our vehicles are suitable for both one-day and multi-day trips in any season, in any weather conditions and at any distance.

Dolores Travel offers you not only transportation but also the complete bus tour in accordance with your wishes.

The advantages of this option:

- eliminates the separate transfer ordering in the tour cities

- there is no risk of losing your belonging when transferring from one transport mode to another

- from the dispatch date until the return you are working with the same team

Having tasted all the local dishes and drinks, you will return to the bus by sharing experiences, knowing -ahead a new day and a new city!


1 We guarantee accurate execution of the transport movement schedule, competent work, compliance with regulatory requirements to ensure road safety.

2 Our staffs are qualified and polite in customer service, know how to get out of precarious situations, and find a common language with the tourist.

3 Our company provides passenger transportation services and transfers for more than 20 years with a license.

4 We are getting through vehicle inspection, as well as the medical examination of our drivers before every departure.

5 Our vehicles are equipped in accordance with the requirements of the “Uzbek Agency for automobile and river transport” – the technical tools of drivers’ observance control. The buses are equipped with seatbelts, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers.

6 We are ready to offer additional services – cold drinks and food, any kind of travel services including booking of tickets, hotels, and registration of necessary documents.

7 Managers will help to plan a trip with the safety requirements and determine the necessary halt places.

8 Our prices are optimal in the ratio ‘price-quality’ and do not contain unreasonable markups.

9 We are a commercial company, but more than financial gain we appreciate your safety and our reputation.

10 Once worked with us, the customers become our regular partners.


For us every client is individual and we, following your needs, use personal approach and efficiency in processing.

For transport, the order needs to be defined in advance with the selected route, date, and number of passengers and send the request by e-mail or contact our managers.

Reliability, safety and transport comfort, the culture of staff, and the competent organization — the guarantee of high quality of our services.

DOLORES TRAVEL SERVICES – your reliable road partner!