''Dolores Travel Group'' holding the leading position in the tourist market for 20 years. We specialize in inbound tourism: group & individual tours in the corporate segment, as well as tailor-made incentive tours within Uzbekistan.

MICE in our company is a concept that goes beyond standard abbreviations Meetings*Incentives*Conferences*Events. The multilingual staff of the MICE branch is not just professional, who thoroughly know all the nuances of event organization in Uzbekistan. They are specialists who are ready to put their hearts, souls, and creative approach in developing the concept, obtaining non-standard solutions with the implementation of world-class standards of hospitality.

MICE  Meetings 

• From 1 hour up to whole days in hotels or if required other places 

• With all necessary technical requirements e.g. PC projector flip charts etc.

• Organizing coffee breaks, lunches, and dinners 

MICE  INCENTIVES                                                                                      

√ Dinner with a show up to 300 pp 

√ Spectacles and ceremonial events

Team buildings action                                                        

• Painting on leather or ceramic 

• Create your silk colder 

• Creating your bread Uzbek stile 

• Camel/ donkey/ horse riding 

• Discover by your own the ancient city

• Adventure tours

• Yurt unforgettable experience 

• Thematic tours (birding, archeological etc.)


MICE  Conference 

• Take overall flight reservations for the participants 

• Accommodation 

• Conference Hall Selection

• All transfers 

• Organizing sightseeing tours from 1 hour to several days

• Organizing pre and post-trip possibilities individually or in groups


Organize the conferences from A to Z:                                                                                                                    

• Registration of participants with name badges

• Controlling the seating in the Venue Place with water, pens, information etc.  

• Organizing coffee breaks with e.g. snakes or fruits 

• Organizing lunches – e.g. with local food or for vegetarians 

• Organizing dinners – with or without show or music live band

• Technical requests like PC projector, flip charts, overhead etc.

• Simultaneous translation

• Room and/or table decoration 

• Invite media – prepare a press release 

• Prepare a follow-up – satisfying research after the conference


MICE  Events/Exhibitions

√ Organize events after the conferences

√ Organizing exhibitions during meetings, conferences, or other occasions 

√ Events like:

• Product Presentations

• Weeding 

• Birthdays

• Company parties

• VIP Tours


We convince that the holiday should start right from the airport - we offer charter Flight services & Train tours, CIP lounges within a country, and luxury transportation. Our company will take care of security services on the tour.

Our team offers you an impressive welcome ceremony with musical instruments, national dances, shows, and Oriental sweets. In ancient times just Kings welcomed in this way!
With enthusiasm, we undertake the preparation of a team-building program and quests including specific requests from the customer to identify personal qualities of staff through the leaving of the comfort zone or team building events with paying attention to units with problematic communication. 
The most demanded formats from the practice of our company:                                                                     
• Acquaintance with cities in the format of a quest with the intellectual and creative tasks
• Picnics outdoors or in unusual places
• Cooking master-classes with an honorable mentor
• Master-classes from artisans with involvement in the manufacturing process of ceramics,
embossing, gold embroidery of suzane, and art painting
• Folklore master-classes with dances from various regions of the country and learning to
play traditional musical instruments
• A relay team riding on the donkeys, camels, and horses
• Wine tasting
Uzbekistan as a MICE destination, or why you will love our country
MICE in Uzbekistan - combine conferences, business meetings & programs with a journey along the Silk Road and exciting Oriental adventure.
Uzbekistan is an attractive destination for sophisticated travelers, able to surprise prejudiced customers:
• The colorful culture of ancient civilization framed by the blue domes of the East, masterful performance of craft, rousing music, and dances.
• The warm climate and 300 Sunny days in the year allow us to warm up in the sun and explore the historical and cultural sights located in old & cozy streets.
• Delicious food – the abundance of meat, vegetables, and spices in traditional dishes has earned high praise everywhere. It can be easily seen just by the number of restaurants of Uzbek cuisine in different countries. Without belittling cooking skills, we assure, that famous plov, Lagman, dolma should be tasted in their Homeland because there are legends about the unusual taste of vegetables & fruits grown here.
MICE-infrastructure of Uzbekistan                                                                                                                                  
These luxury hotels of international chains are presenting in Tashkent:
• Hyatt Regency Tashkent 5*
• Wyndham Hotels & Resorts 5*
• Hilton Tashkent City Hotel 5*
• Courtyard by Marriott Tashkent 4*
• Radisson Blu Hotel 4*
• Lotte City Hotel Tashkent Palace 4*
Places fitted for major events
 Palace of International Forums "Uzbekistan''
Conference hall: 1800 seats. Banquet halls: 300 seats (each hall).
 Hilton Congress Hall
Conference hall: 3500 seats (can be transformed into 5 separate meeting rooms)


Non-standard venues:
If you search for an exotic venue for the event – contact us. Neither your imagination nor our possibilities will meet any boundaries. We are ready to accept groups of up to 300 people in Tashkent and up to 150 people in Samarkand and Bukhara with accommodation in one hotel. Your team will remember the seminars in ancient madrassas with natural acoustics and an old pulpit in Bukhara!
Gastronomic joys have always been honored in Uzbekistan, so the restaurant business was one of the first to develop in the country, having achieved impressive success. We know the addresses where you can taste culinary masterpieces of haute cuisine and recommend the most atmospheric art establishments so that the feeling of colorful oriental luxury will not leave you for even a moment.

Tashkent Restaurants

Restaurants in Tashkent amaze with the European service level and food quality. You will be surprised with a wide range of restaurants with Chinese, Italian, English, Japanese, Spanish and other cuisines.

Uzbek, Italian, Georgian, Russian, and other thematic restaurants… Meals cooked in traditional Uzbek cuisine restaurants are not much oily, not too spicy, or sour, and meet the taste requirements of all our guests by exceeding their expectations. 

Samarkand Restaurants

As in other regions, Samarkand offers mainly National Uzbek cuisine (kebabs, plov, samsa, manti). Feel the soul of National cuisine. 

Most popular restaurants for GALA dinners, events, and awards ceremonies:

"Samarkand" - Located in the center of Samarkand. The restaurant consists of two halls, the guest can enjoy the meal to Uzbek national music.


An example of our MICE project in Uzbekistan: a corporate event for a large Russian bank in 2021

Location: Bukhara 
We organized the project on a turn-key basis, from the charter flight and transfers to meals and a gala dinner with a dance & fashion show. Also, we took care of the accommodation of participants, conference services and branding of accessories, a quest, and a culinary master class.

Cooperating with us you can always count on:
• flexible pricing policy
• high-quality service
• a reliable partner to whom you can entrust the most valuable customers


Day 1 – Arrival in Tashkent

Arrive in Tashkent Airport, Meet & Greet services. Ceremonial meeting at the airport with the Uzbek National Orchestra (Karnay-Surnay) and welcome souvenirs. Dinner, Overnight.

Day 2Tashkent – Bukhara (flight)

Morning flight to Bukhara. Half day CSS in Bukhara. For this day we can arrange a quest adventure game (teambuilding). Dinner at the local Restaurant with Folk Show. Overnight.

Day 3Bukhara – Samarkand (coach 265 km)

Continue sightseeing Bukhara. 14:00 transfer to Samarkand by bus. Dinner at the local restaurant. 

Day 4 Samarkand – Tashkent (High-Speed Train)

Half-day sightseeing tour in Samarkand or we can arrange Master Classes, Quest Adventure games (teambuilding) for 2-3 hrs. Departure to Tashkent 17:00 -19:10. GALA dinner at the Restaurant, a special restaurant with a show program, DJ, music, and dance show. Presentation of commemorative gifts. Overnight.

Day 5 – Tashkent – next destination 

Breakfast at the hotel. Flight to the next destination