Going to Uzbekistan, people often ask us quite similar questions. To save you some time, we have collected all the answers that will represent life in Uzbekistan to you and prepare you for traveling. You will know:

  • when you should come;
  • what the most interesting destinations are;
  • what you should take with you;
  • and other useful points.

You can find much information about tourist attractions and places of interest when looking through the pages of our website. Of course, the most wonderful cities are those standing along the Great Silk Road. They preserved the precious architecture created in 13th –16th centuries. The Road includes Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Samarkand, and Fergana Valley cities.

For general information, you can look through the prices of the tours represented by our company. Please, mind that they do not include the air flight cost. You can check the prices for the flight with your local airlines or contact our Uzbekistan travel agent who will help you calculate the final cost that includes your flight tickets, the tour itself, visa, additional services, and local expenses.

Any foreign visitor needs visa for being able to travel to Uzbekistan. But you should mind that requirements depend on your native country.

For citizens of Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Japan simplified visa application procedure – registration within two working days, excluding the day of receiving the documents. The presentation of tourist vouchers, invitations and tourist organizations of the Republic is not required.

You can find detailed information here:

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Traveling to Asian countries with Dolores Travel Services is safe. Still, getting insured by one of the local insurance companies in your country is recommended. Contact our managers if more information on this issue is needed. 

The Uzbekistan currency is som. See the table on the left to know how much American dollars it is today.

You can exchange any foreign currency in all the major banks of the country. The preferred currency is US dollars in cash. Exchanging money in Tashkent is easier since it’s the capital city. You may ask your Uzbekistan travel guide to assist you to avoid any exchange difficulties.

You should have cash with you for any case. If you don’t have som, you can still use US dollars for some everyday expenses. New banknotes without any damages are preferable.

Both Master Card and Visa are acceptable in the large cities of Uzbekistan. Small cities mostly use cash.

Every visitor older than 18 years who has an International Driving License cab rent a car. A better option would still be to hire a personal driver with it to avoid any difficulties in the new location. This is one of the services our company offers.

The weather in Uzbekistan varies from dry summer with 40 °С (104 °F) to cool winter with -23 °С (-9 °F). The most suitable time for your Uzbekistan vacation is from March till July and then from September till November. The temperature of these periods keeps on the level of +20+30 °С (68+86 °F). However, if you want to see the local mountains, winter will be more favorable for this purpose.

The majority of local people practice Islam. There also are Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and followers of other religions.

Despite the official language is Uzbek, many people speak Russian. In Samarkand, Bukhara, and some other areas, people speak Tadjik as well. Young people mostly know English.

Uzbekistan is a Muslim country so local people prefer more conservative clothes which veil their bodies enough.

Remember that summer is quite hot in Uzbekistan. If you plan your trip for the warm months, you should take everything made of natural materials. Besides, you should not forget to take sunglasses and a hat.

If you go there in rainy periods, or if you plan to stay in deserts at nights, you should have a backpack with you to put there a windproof jacket, a bottle of water, and other tourist necessities.

National Uzbek cuisine is famous throughout the world. Apart from local cuisine restaurants, you can find many places where they serve Russian, European, or Korean dishes.

By the way, drinking tapped water is not recommended. You should prefer the boiled or purified one. And take some coffee with you if you can’t go without this drink as it’s not much popular in the country.

Traveling to Uzbekistan with our company, you may not worry about anything. We will guide you all along. If you need Uzbekistan travel advice, you can always get in touch with us.