Welcome to Central Asia, a Treasury of Oriental Beauty! We invite you to Uzbekistan and its neighboring countries! These are the places where you will discover both wonderful ancient architecture and local up-to-date life.


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Planning a Travel

If you still need some time to think what kind of travel you want, we will just tell you briefly how our team can help you.

Dolores Travel Services has been working as Asian travel agency since 1998, and today there are no places in Central Asia we couldn’t tell you about. We know each single nice place to recommend you for your journey to make your traveling truly unforgettable. We offer:

  • the most interesting tours to see the holy places, monuments, and wonderful places of nature;
  • the best time for going to mountains, desserts, or other local areas;
  • the most comfortable hotels to stay there;
  • the best restaurants and night clubs where you can spend your evening time;
  • the most interesting places for shopping;
  • many other things you might find interesting.

Just don’t hesitate to ask us.


The Main Services If you choose to go on your Asian vacation with our travel agency, you will travel around the Central Asia without any worries. We will provide you with:

  • tours to different destinations;
  • hotel booking in any location;
  • invitation letter for the visa support;
  • transportation services;
  • travel contacts you may need.

We suggest different types of tours according to your preferences and your budget:

  • Group tours. If you like traveling with a group of people, making new acquaintances, and enjoying the country in a good company, this kind of tours will be the most suitable for you.
  • Individual tours. In case you prefer personal guide programs or enjoy discovering the country independently, we can suggest you organizing an individual tour. According to your desire, we can take care of the transportation services, book or buy out the tickets you may need, and provide some other special services.
  • Corporative tours. If you need an Asia tour to hold meetings, conferences, seminars, or other types of business-related events, we can help you too. We will take care of the guests’ luggage, provide transportation services for the whole group of people, book tickets to local events, and do anything else you might need.



Planning the Uzbekistan travel, you will surely want to organize an entertainment program. You may be surprised by the number of parks, cafes, bars, and other places in the big cities of the country, where you can have wonderful time.

You can read about the places we think are worthy of visiting on our website or contact us and ask about it directly so that we could give you recommendations. Thus, you will know what you can expect from the trip.

Staying in a big city, you will have a chance to visit:

  • restaurants and cafes;
  • night clubs;
  • sport spots;
  • concert halls;
  • museums;
  • parks;
  • and much more.


Real Uzbekistan tourism is impossible without good shopping. Artisan skills of the local people are what makes this country famous today. You will be able to visit the places where you will see how people create all those pieces of art, then choose the artworks you like the most, and buy them. Silk clothes, needlework, handmade ceramics with authentic pictures, and many other handmade products will serve as good reminders about the trip or as beautiful presents for your close people.


We like working with unusual requirements. So, if you want to order any unusual tourist program, just inform us. Shopping, cuisine, or any other type of tour your fantasy can invent is possible with our agency.

Now you see that if you address our travel agent Central Asia will open up for you with all its wonderful places. Should you need any information, you can always contact us:


104A Kichik Beshagach Str., Tashkent, 100015, Uzbekistan,

Tel: +998 71 120 88 83,
Fax: +998 71 120 88 73,
e-mail: info@dolores.uz

Besides, we are always ready to welcome new people to our team! If you would like to join our friendly team and work in Dolores Travel Services, please, send your CV to resume@dolores.uz

We will appreciate any suggestions and complaints as they will let us become better for you. Compliments are also welcome!

Dolores Travel
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