Uzbekistan cities Travel Guide


When you go on a journey to Central Asia, you must surely visit Tashkent Uzbekistan. This city has an ancient history with numerous interesting stories, which creates a special atmosphere for everyone visiting the country.


Regardless of what type of vacation you are planning and with whom, Samarkand Uzbekistan can be a wonderful destination for anyone.


One of the marvelous cities in Uzbekistan is sited 80 kilometers south of Samarkand, behind the high Davenport Karachi mountain pass. This city is called Shakhrisabz.


Samarkand is the beauty of the earth, but Bukhara is the beauty of the spirit. Traditional Bukhara, the most shameless sink of iniquity that I know in the East.


While traveling, we are not looking for shopping centers or skyscrapers. We long to dive into a foreign, strange, unexplored culture.


Surrounded by three deserts, the Uzbek city Nukus (Nokis in Karakalpak) is situated in the north of Uzbekistan.


Being often referred to as the Pearl of Uzbekistan, Fergana Valley is famous for its magnificent landscapes and ancient history. The picturesque valley is located in eastern Uzbekistan.


If you ever consider a trip to Uzbekistan, there is one place that will grant you the feeling of ancient oriental tales. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and cotton fields, Qarshi city is located about 520 km away from Tashkent.