If metal working has appeared later than ceramics, then not for much. And indeed, chasing surpasses all other types of crafts according to age. It is the oldest type of applied art, and the most magnificent specimens of it can be found in Bukhara, which always has been the center of the art. Many masters from different parts of Uzbekistan in ancient times and to the present time break the ground in Bukhara.

Copperware remains and lives in museums as souvenirs, but still chasers of Bukhara, as old-timey, keep making their famous ware, which delight our eyes with golden light.

It is possible to meet the chasers in Bukhara in the markets and craftsmen centers, often they work in the open air, attracting the tourists. Tourists surround a chaser, and look at his precise, jewelry movements with fascination – step by step, with tiny millimeter strokes, inimitable picture is created.

And what wonderful forms the chaser creates! For clarification of ancient forms of Bukhara chasing, we have consulted with master Sharif Ustonov. There are some things, which, due to our age, are completely incomprehensible (if we would be three hundred years old, of course, we would remember, what various objects are designed for). So, we ask questions and receive answers:
This remarkable spool is not for soup or marmalade, – with such spoon people ate watermelon in ancient times. Dividing the watermelon into parts – it is modern method. In former days, it was cut into two equal parts, and accurately took out the core with such spoons. And no rinds!

Ancient inkpot with pen case. It is designed for keeping plumes and kalams, there is nonspillable container welded to it, which is closed very tightly.
And it is also the inkpot. But special one, for calligraphy and paintings. It has 14 containers for multicolor paints. It is massive, and stands steady; the handle is in the shape of the bird – symbol of inspiration.
These are the pliers for snuffing a candle.

It is the container for issyryk, the herb, which has the intense antibacterial action. In former times, people smoked the rooms with it during epidemics. It is necessary to mention that this oldest method proved itself perfectly and during pandemic of flue nowadays. The herb is put into such bucket, closed with cover with holes and begins to smother. Rooms are smoked with it.
The tray for dried fruits, alternative to multi-layer vase. Tea pot and tea bowls are put in the middle of the tray – that is the all-sufficient construction.

Small copper calean.

And also small glasses, kettles, jugs – variety of forms, flight of imagination and exceptionally delicate work – all this is Bukhara chasing.