For those who are not arranged to independently get their food, armed with spinning rods and marsh boots in the vast expanses of Uzbekistan, we advise going fishing in Chimgan

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Shah-i-Zinda (Persian: شاه زنده meaning “The Living King”) Ensemble is one of the world-known necropolis of Central Asia, which is situated in the north-eastern part of Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

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When we reached Rukhabad, we heard an amazing prayer – azan. Azanchi was calling all believers for praying, its sound filled the whole Gur- Emir Square.

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In 970 Imam Sayid Abu Bakr and his three brothers Fazl, Ahmed and Hamed, all direct descendents of the Prophet, were laid to rest in the village of Sumitan, seven kilometres west of Bukhara.

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Popularly known as the Emir’s Summer Palace in Bukhara, this charming and nauseating collection of dwellings and state rooms was built by the Russians in 1911 for the last Emir Alim Khan

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If metal working has appeared later than ceramics, then not for much. And indeed, chasing surpasses all other types of crafts according to age. It is the oldest type of applied art, and the most magnificent specimens of it can be found in Bukhara.

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Fergana Knives Breed

Chust knife is a well-known word combination in Russia and abroad. It seems that there is no difference what knife one uses to chop carrots for pilaf, a national Uzbek knife or a Japanese ceramic kitchen knife.

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Planning a Travel

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