Uzbekistan is a fishing place.

There are 72 species of river & lake fish on the territory of the Republic – salmon, whitefish, carp, sturgeon, vulnavia, catfish, perches, snake & other rogachkova, golovachova, and flatfish. In the Red Book four species of sturgeon are listed — the rest you can fish, fry, dry-cured, salted, do «Hye».

For the avid angler, the Russian program "Dialogues about fishing" has already shown a catch shamayka-fish on Don river. However, with the release of prey into the wild — it is impossible to catch. Our Aral shamayka unlike her Russian sisters, for catching which it is possible to obtain serious penalty, even on a fishing rod, not included in the Red Book. Lots of it feels good in the clay waters of the Syrdarya river and remains the main object of fishing in Uzbekistan. Initially, the fish lived in the Aral sea, was commercially valuable, and then penetrated to the lower reaches, and then in the middle of the Amudarya and Zarafshan. Then snuck to the middle reaches of Kashkadarya & Syrdarya rivers and, in principle, well settled. Up to 20 inches, silvery-white, bug-eyed, very delicious fish. If we fry it in boiling oil entirely, it will possible to eat with head and tail. Her bones are so fragile that the fish can be chewed together with its bones. 

However, statistics claim that every citizen of our Motherland fish eats only a kilogram of fish per year. We don’t eat fruits a lot, preferring to entertain guests & watch how they eat. 

Winter fishing in Uzbekistan – employment for philosophers, without an extreme nerve. It's not a summer scenario when oversized catfish or carp pull off the fisherman's boat, tear all the gear, show the tongue and float away. It is still necessary to get to the beach, healthy & wicked — fisherman rising to the waist. And to make sure that snakehead — local Barracuda, which excellent Hye is made from, not guards and bite a fisherman:).

There is a paradise for the lovers of fishing in Uzbekistan. And usually, if the weather is favorable, the entire catch neither to eat nor to bite. A lot of positive feelings secured if you approach this task responsibly and with a guide.