One of the most famous madrasah of the Islamic world Madrasah Mir-i-Arab is located on the Kalyan forum square in Bukhara and represents a part of its architectural ensemble. It was built in honour of Sufi Abdulla al Yamani, Mir-i-Arab, and a spiritual mentor of early Shaybanids and of emir of Bukhara Ubaidullah Khan who sponsored its construction in 1563.

Along with the most esteemed Islamic University it is also a mausoleum of the spiritual mentor Mi-ri-Arab. Ubaidullah Khan is buried at his foot according to the tradition of that time.

It is symbolised by the ritual pole established at the building’s wall.

An austere and stately building of madrasah with two big domes composes a perfect ensemble together with the mosque and the minaret. At sunset it is shimmering with gold, an ideal place for making pictures. Despite the fact that it is an acting madrasah, the institution is open for tourists and the life of the unique Muslim educational establishment can be viewed through pandzhara. The students do not pay much attention at tourists and the tourists warned by the guides try to keep quiet while they admire the internal domes of the madrasah entrance.

And they are very picturesque. It is a grand portal with elaborated plaster decoration on its walls, amazingly beautiful and sophisticated. The exposed arches and sails are holding the domes that are laid in a complicated brick mosaics according to a very accurate engineering design. All this is very expressive.

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