For those who are not arranged to independently get their food, armed with spinning rods and marsh boots in the vast expanses of Uzbekistan, we advise going fishing in Chimgan and Charvak, past Gazalkent, to the Khojikent region. There, in the foothills, the Three Barrels complex is located. It is a combination of several cozy and beautiful restaurants, where the menu includes fried marinka, carp, and rainbow trout.


 And on the background of snowy mountains, you can try a well-prepared & freshly caught fish.

It is brought to restaurants by local fishermen - marinka, common carp, and trout are caught in Ugam, a mountain river, that originates in the mountains of the Ugam-Chatkal ridge.  The carp from this river is lightly golden, shining as the result of pure water. In the lowland rivers, its skin is dark gold, with a black back.  Trout, as expected - is rainbow.




 Firstly, it is cleaned.




 Then thoroughly washed in running water.




 Then cut so that the fish fell apart on the back.




 Then they salt.  Only salt, no more spices.




 And then it is put into the pan.  Fifteen minutes later, the fish will be ready.