In constant pursuit of the fast-growing tourism market, the ratings of the participating countries are an indicator of their efforts and aspirations to become a leader in the receiving of foreigners.

 Uzbekistan, like a beautiful flower, from year to year, is becoming an increasingly attractive area for the study of oriental culture, art, gastronomy, customs and everyday traditions.  According to research by the World Tourism Organization, the past 2019 brought Uzbekistan the 4th place in the list of countries that hosted the largest number of guests.

 Myanmar occupied the honorary pedestal with an increase in tourism potential by 40%.  The following are hot Puerto Rico with 31.2% and Iran 27.9%.

 Observing the active "movement" of mankind around the globe, we can conclude that the percentage of travellers is increasing every year.  So, compared with 2018, the number of trips abroad has exceeded 1.5 billion.  It is also interesting that the romance of France always remains seductive for more than 90 million people.