Tour operator Dolores Travel participated in the USAID CTJ project to inspire travelers to choose Central Asia as a destination after the global tourism recovery. The Dutch online travel magazine WideOyster prepared a fascinating piece about a trip to Uzbekistan.

We wanted to tell you once again about Uzbekistan - the richness of our country can be talked about relentlessly so that seekers of the beautiful can see the true brilliance of its treasures. Cast aside the vagueness of many years of myths and prejudices, discover a new conception of the country's mentality, built on deep ancient traditions framed by the framework of new times.

The author, Sebastian Bedo, emphasizes the unshakable foundations and changes in the life of the Uzbek people. It will be of interest to residents and visitors to the country to compare their impressions with the author's point of view and, of course, to those who are just thinking about a trip to the faraway and mysterious Central Asia.

We have put some of our souls, impressions, and memories into the video. We hope that after watching it the Country of Blue Domes will be a little closer to each of you.

Use your time constraints to your advantage, make a wish list of the most interesting sights. To see them live without the organizational hassle, use the services of the Dolores Travel team - we will guide you through the hidden places and myriad wonders of Uzbekistan!

Watch the video at the source and explore Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan at WideOyster in English, German, Spanish and Dutch.