- Where there is a place where time has no power? - Where your soul feels good...

Residents of the Sentob village in Navoiy region followed the above: there is no time, evil & superstitions, but only bright, kind, good... To get to Paradise is not difficult: the village is surrounded by mountains, and the road to it wriggles like a snake somewhere in the distance between these mysterious giants.

The people who live here are stunningly attractive by open mind, smiles, happiness. They live in peace, ride donkeys, cook over campfire, admire the stars at night, listen to the murmur of the small river... The morning begins with the crow of the cock, the sun paints the tops of the mountains and new life begins, without the fusses, problems and bad mood. Mothers gather children to school, putting kids in the same uniform. There is only one school in the village, a three-story, reminiscent of Soviet times. Toddlers & older children love to learn, because as the grown-ups say "scientists - light and ignorance – darkness."

Most of the houses in the village were made of stone 2 000 years ago. This feature of architecture is still alive years. And high in the mountains, like frozen, preserved the village where nobody lives already: once there lived people, but only their low & stone homes remained. This wonder of nature became the heritage to the locals. It is visited by tourists who enjoy the seclusion of old architecture, whose age exceeds 2000 years. However, someone will have to sweat: the road goes upward towards the sun, blocking the path of walking by stones. "How people lived in such conditions?" - asks each. "It is not easy, but alone with the sky" - say peoples of Sentob village. Here preserved ancient rock carvings - petroglyphs of people and animals, and another high-mountain The Fazilmon lake. There is a thriving infrastructure of hospitality – small guest houses are mare by the residents of the village for guests: bathroom, shower, toilet, beds, food on the fire and smiles of the hosts. No formal atmosphere but only warmth & comfort of home.

This legend will tell about Sentob village story:

"Hundreds of years ago, at the settlement, lived in the area, attacked the invaders. Brutally and ruthlessly disposing of the people, and plundering everything in their path, they retreated. During the battle only girl of 10-12 years survived by miracle. She fled to a nearby village, and then moved to live in the city. Years later, when she grew up, got married & rich, thoughts on the revival of the native village did not give up her. Thanks to hardworking hands Sentob village was rebuilt, having pleased everybody.

Yes, it is a wonderful place. Why is it called so? Have you ever seen chickens sitting on trees?  And goats climbing on branches?  We don’t know where such things can be found in the world, though we are sure that there are many quirks in Uzbekistan.

 So the village lives in flowers & trees, erecting stone walls against the backdrop of mountain landscapes.  There are many kids of incredible angelic beauty, kind old people, friendly adults.  Their hearts are forever here, and we are only guests, welcome, beloved, dear ...