Ramadan Hayit is a great and long-awaited holiday of our country, marking the end of the holy Muslim fasting Ruza, compliance of which is one of the five pillars of Islam. Its history began in the 7th century, ever since the appearance of the Arabs on the territory of Central Asia.

For 30 days, from sunrise to sunset the faithful must refrain from taking food and water, to combat the negative thoughts and intentions, tolerance, respect towards others and commit good deals. It is the actions designed for the benefit of others great attention is paid.  According to the sayings of the Prophet, the significance of them at this time increases 700 times, and makes them much easier, as Satan is in chains during this month and can not do harm to the people.

The basic gist of the post is not about self-denial, but a spiritual feat that makes fasting, towering over the short-term needs and thoughts, directing his gaze towards the eternal, imperishable values, which occupies a place in the soul of every person going through the rite of moral and spiritual purification. The strictest part of it falls on the last ten days. Every Uzbek family prepares for the holiday starts for the day, preparing traditional sweets and flour products, such as "Chuck Chuck" & "baursak". In the evening they cook pilaf and generously treat neighbours. On the last day begins the celebration of "Eid al Fitr". The holiday lasts for three days. On the morning of the first day, Muslims recite a special prayer "Eid namaz", presented alms to the needy "zakat" and produces the commemoration of deceased relatives.