Do you know that there are some places in the world where dreams come true? If we exclude artificially created places for tourists attraction or “handmade” ones such as “Dalila’s bust” which should be touched with eyes closed or a coin that should be thrown on a step to Chizhik-Pyzhik in St. Petersburg, some “magic places” where wishes come true in an amazing way are still left.

Let us remember the most famous ones – a Chapel of Ksenia of St. Petersburg where pilgrims leave notes with requests and entreaties, “tree of wishes” in India – one should bow to it and ask for help, Fethiye Temple in Turkey where, according to the legend, there is a burial site of Nicolas miracle-monger and even a simple prayer can save from serious ordeals.

In Samarkand, at Afrasiab hills, there is a wonderful place – Grave of St. Daniil, Holy Daniel or Khazrat Daniyor – that is how he is called in different religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

No one knows what is actually hidden under huge 18 meters long coffin – ashes of Daniil the Prophet which was brought by Amir Timur from the Susa, or Daniil, who was made satrap of Sogdiana by Dariy, is himself buried there, or Daniyol, associate of Kusam ibn Abbasa, – the place is so holy and inspires with such an awe that no one dares to open the grave. But scientists promise to reveal the secret in the nearest future.

The late Patriarch Aleksey II visited the grave in 1996, and for a long time he could not leave the mausoleum, just enjoyed the holiness of the place. When he was leaving it, he blessed old pistachio tree, Tree of Wishes, which was growing in the mausoleum. A miracle happened – it came back to life again!

This tree is very unusual and there is no doubt that it is alive and thinking. On its wigs, there are ribbons fastened so that wishes come true. Keepers do not mind that but still, think that it is enough to listen to prayer inside the grave.

Do wishes come true?

I do not know about wishes but you leave this place pure and shining as if you were born again. On Daniil’s coffin, there is green cover with golden suras from Koran. One of Tashkent businessmen brought green velvet from Mekka to thank the Saint for help and gave it to embroidery masters from Bukhara and in half of a year, he gave this cover to Mausoleum.

Water from the spring is extraordinarily soft and sweet. Pilgrims draw water into bottles to take it with themselves, wash their faces with it and drink it.

There is a similar spring in Bukhara – Chashma Ayub. According to the legend, when traveling across Sogdiana, Saint Iov hit land with his stick in this place so that exhausted from draught and thirst inhabitants of Bukhara could have enough drink.

The warm floor has appeared at Kharzrat Bakhauddin’s grave mosque, a gift from a thankful pilgrim. There are many people at Saint’s Stick. It is thought that a huge tree grew on a place where he stuck his stick into the ground. It is necessary to get under the Stick and ask for help and intercession. Many pilgrims try to tear a piece from the tree for tumor, a protective amulet.

And the most important – there is no human on the Earth whose all wishes came true and he has left nothing to wish for. Let there is at lease one longing for unrealizable which makes us move forward.