The composition of the center of the old part of Bukhara is a madrasah built by Vizier Nodir Devon Begi. In fact, the idea was to build a caravanserai, which would be conveniently located in a noisy bazaar square.

If Grand Vizier Nodir Devon Begi had been in modern-day Bukhara, he would have nodded contentedly as he entered the Madrasah named after himself on Lyabi Khauz. It is clear from the layout of the structure and the cells that the structure is more suitable for a hotel than a school. When the enterprising Nodir Devon Begi, built his caravanserai, then, of course, Imamkulikhan, the ruler of Bukhara, was present at its opening.

The ruler, of course, knew about the purpose of the institution, but made a diplomatic check and checkmate to the dignitary, praising the institution, and congratulating him on the beautiful madrassah. And the dignitary, sighing, rebuilt the caravanserai as a madrasah, there was nowhere to go. And on the portal fairy wings flapped, taking away profits from the pockets of Nodir Devon Begi... But the vizier earned a reputation as a patron of the arts and defender of Islam, which, you agree, in the end, is not so little. And the madrasah still serves as a caravanserai, a meeting place for travelers from different countries, everything as it was conceived.

Lyabi-Hauz is a tourist center, with most of the hotels, large and small, concentrated around it. And in the Madrasa Nodir Devon Begi, there are national performances in the open air. At 8 pm everyone is invited to take tables and aivans, which are located in the courtyard of the madrasah.  The evening begins with national music, under which the pilaf and treats are served. It is sure to tell about the national instruments - doira, chang, soze, and many others. Then the guests will see national dances of different regions of multinational Uzbekistan. Here are Khorezm and Ferghana, Bukhara and Samarkand.

During the breaks in the concert, Uzbek fashion designers will demonstrate their ideas - a mix of modern solutions and national diversity. It is very interesting!

The cells (hujras) have shops of craftsmen. "Madrasah with birds" as the tourists call it, a favorite place for evening entertainment. The coolness of Lyabi-Hauz attracts a huge number of guests in the evenings.

It is crowded and noisy, colored with lights, music plays from everywhere. It is Bukhara's character, not for a moment silent, living with the music and dancing.