Dolores Travel Company opens the autumn season of international tourism exhibitions with IFTM Top Resa 2019 in Paris!

 IFTM Top Resa is an event that is annually included in our calendar of business events. 1,500 of our colleagues gathered in Port de Versailles - both long-time partners who became friends as a result of decades of cooperation, and representatives of new, promising companies.

 We were pleased to note the growing interest in Central Asia & Uzbekistan as a separate direction, and changes that make the country open for tourists from France.

 The simplification of the visa regime, the frequency of flights, progressive development of friendly infrastructure for travelers and the expanding presence of international hotel chains in Uzbekistan also received a positive assessment from our partners.

 Sales directors of Dolores Travel presented updated tourist programs in Uzbekistan for 2019-2020.  Our invariable principle in creating tours is harmonious logistics to spend as little time as possible on the road and enjoy architecture, culture & gastronomy for as long as possible.  Launching of new railway routes contributes to the programs construction with the maximum possible timetable for flights from France. The menu matches established eating habits of Europeans.

 The collection of Louvre exhibits contains significant cultural artifacts associated with the era of Amir Timur, known in the Old World under the name Tamerlane. His person continues to excite the connoisseurs of history.

 Our tours with each city and sights of the 14th century reveal the formation of its magnificent empire in domes competing with the azure firmament, striking the imagination with the luxury of gilded mosques and the painstaking work of ancient masters who left a legacy in the ornate mosaic patterns.

 The French - famous connoisseurs of culture & aesthetics are able to appreciate the beauty and richness of history, traditions, architecture of ancient lands of Bactria & Sogd.  Bienvenue en Ouzbékistan!