The first horses were tamed in Central Asia and Iran. All professionals in the field agree on it.

In Chinese chronicles, there is information about wonderful horses of heaven which were grown in Fergana Valley. At least two military expeditions were organized by the Chinese Emperor to ancient Kokand to get “horses of heaven”.

If you look at petroglyphs on rocks carefully, you will understand why these horses are called heavenly. Akhal-Teke horses with thin legs and chiseled head, gracious and nimble are real work of art. At the same time, they are extraordinarily strong, clever, fast and unpretentious in everyday life which made them irreplaceable in military actions. Baktria was called “possessing golden horses” as such horses were not found anywhere else.

Teke horses (Turkmens) were growing together with families, a foal was a member of a family, even more, privileged than a child. They were not just a means of hauling and transportation. They were friends who would not bring down. Clever and loyal houses were worthy of such care.

Despite the progress, relation to horses in Central Asia remains the same. The horse is still an iconic animal both in urban and rural areas.

It is interesting to listen to horses breeders. It becomes clear that neither sport nor raising horses do not bring considerable income. Many of them tried to start another business and earn more money. But as soon as the financial situation was coming back to the norm, many of them were returning to horses. There is no life without horses. No joy, no satisfaction from years lived. Only enthusiastic people work with horses. Always. There are a lot of such people in Uzbekistan as well as in all present countries of ancient Baktria and Sogdiana.

To know Akhal-Teke tradition it is necessary to go to Turkmenistan. Every last Sunday of April there is a festival of Turkmen racers, an astonishing show. There you can understand why these horses were called “rainbow”.

The Akhal-Teke horses in Tashkent can be seen at Akhal-Teke Sher Horse Club, at Zhokey Club at Hippodrome. At Akhal-Teke Sher Horse Club a fascinating excursion deep into ages will be held and modern achievements of the club will be demonstrated. Every Sunday at Zhokey Club you can witness a competition of juniors as well as training of circus performers almost every morning. And of course, you can ride a horse under the care of coaches.

Thorough breed (English riding) horse Buenos Aires, funny and positive horse (Akhal-Teke Sher Horse Club).

The ground is still wet but they want running. And it is necessary to work. Competition is soon.

“Head doctor” Masha. There is hippotherapy direction in the club – children with cerebral palsy and autism are treated.

Akhal-Teke waiting for hot weather. For now, warm horsecloths are put on. 

Pocket horse – a pony for children.