There is an amazing workshop “Meros” in the Konig village, near Samarkand. Guests of Dolores Travel Services have a unique opportunity to observe the production of the famous Samarkand silk paper, from beginning to end, and it’s very interesting! Clothes, bags, dolls and etc. can be made of this paper.

Since the prosperity of the Great Silk Road (it falls to Europe, Russia, and the Arab countries) until the 12th century, almost all European countries enjoyed Samarkand silk paper. Its quality was very high. The present generation has ancient documents written on this paper, they are in a very good condition now. In those days paper was called the “sultan one” and it was very expensive.

The revival of the silk paper production is one of UNESCO projects of saving cultural heritage.

The principle of the manufacture is very simple: press in a water-powered the process

Raw materials:

bark of mulberry, silk threads, bamboo shoots. The bark is cut into small pieces, cook in boiling water, and then pounded in a special wooden “mortars” until smooth. Sheets of silk paper are formed with a sieve, dried, pressed, cut and bleached. And then they are polished with a piece of onyx. By the words of the handicraftsman, it is the main secret of Samarkand paper. The using of onyx makes it suitable for pen writing.

Here it is! the famous piece of onyx!

It’s all made of paper!

You are welcome to visit Samarkand Silk Paper Factory together with Dolores Travel Services. You will be able to learn all the secrets of its manufacture, to take part in the production, to purchase souvenirs and to feel the smoothness of the finest sheet by your own hands.