Chust is a small city in Uzbekistan, not well known abroad as a tourist destination. All the more interesting to learn more about it and believe us, the city has enough "distinctive signs"!


For example, local craftswomen from ancient times used to earn a living on their own, manual labor, not being in direct economic dependence on men.

The fact is that any exit to the street from the inhabitants of Chust since ancient times is unthinkable without a tyubeteyka. This is a national headdress, which is a colored, embroidered cap of a square shape.

Therefore, every girl in Chust learned the skill of sewing and symbolic decoration of tyubeteyka, which were later successfully sold at the local bazaar. The tyubeteyka market in Chust is famous throughout Uzbekistan and maintains its fame to this day. Masters bring their goods for sale once a week.

Choosing a tyubeteyka is a whole art - you cannot do it without a competent consultant. After all, it will tell you about your age, social and marital status through encrypted art symbols. The tyubeteyka can also act as a talisman, carrying a positive program-a wish. For example, the most popular pattern is the image of almonds-it symbolizes prosperity.

During the Chust tour, be sure to visit the famous family of the craftswoman Tujtabi-ona and take part in her master class. Do not miss the opportunity to see the painstaking process of creating a man-made miracle, a mystery that is passed down from generation to generation.


Chust knives are the international symbol of quality without a false modest, and necessary professional tool of Uzbek chefs that will not exchange it for any other texture or country of origin.

If you love to cook or want to present a useful souvenir from a trip to a culinary lover-take a Chust knife because it will never fail!

Go to this unique city of the Ferghana Valley – here you can find interesting souvenirs at the best prices and personally get acquainted with their creators.