Boysun Bahori Festival ("Baysun Spring") Uzbekistan

Boysun Bahori Festival (

Boysun Bahori Festival ("Baysun Spring") Uzbekistan

Boysun Bahori Festival (Baysun Spring) Uzbekistan is an international cultural event that takes place annually in the small and cozy Baysun city, located in the center of the Surkhandarya region, in the south of the country.

At first glance, Baysun seems to be an unremarkable foothill town with beautiful nature. The true city magic is revealed together with the gates decorated with ancient tiles. No, they do not lead to another landmark left by the ruling dynasties. The main Baysun treasure, which attracts tourists, is in the homes and families of its indigenous inhabitants. Each family worships the rituals, customs, and traditions of their ancestors. Such authenticity is spectacular because of the depth of its roots, going back to antiquity, in the pre-Islamic era. In those old times, the pagan religion – Zoroastrianism - dominated the territory of modern Uzbekistan, with its characteristic reverence for the natural elements.

The folklore festival "Baysun Spring" is held in this beautiful area surrounded by the Ketmen-Chapty mountain range. Baysun is not the only city in the world near the mountains, which is more characterized by conservatism than globalization. But the Baysun Spring cannot be compared with any other festival because folklore is not recreated here by artificial means. It is the natural way of the local life, which is inherited by each new generation. And there are not many similar regions in the world whose heritage is recognized as a "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage" by UNESCO.

The festival starts in spring. So you can see nature blooms after hibernation, covering the earth with emerald grass. Feel saturating the air with the aromas of flowering trees, and the sun gently welcomes guests, disposing to long rest in the fresh air. During the solemn days of the festival, real yurt camps are accommodated out in the foothills. They will be inhabited by folklore ensembles, folk storytellers-poets Bakhshi and improvisers akyns, who come here like nomads from all regions of Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

The famous Uzbek cuisine cannot be separated from the culture and will be presented here in full-scope – fans of gastronomic festivals will find it enjoyable for themselves here. Dozens of delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine will be prepared in numerous cauldrons, on a bonfire: pilaf, shurpa, dymlyama, lagman, and much more.

The festival deserves the attention of connoisseurs of exciting sports and games with a national flavor. Here the fighters kurash and the teams of horse riders kupkari converge in battles.

In 2022, the folklore festival "Baysun Spring" will celebrate its 20th anniversary since its foundation.

Boysun Bahori Festival ("Baysun Spring") Uzbekistan Boysun Bahori Festival ("Baysun Spring") Uzbekistan Boysun Bahori Festival ("Baysun Spring") Uzbekistan