Medical Centers in Tashkent 2024

Tashkent Medical Centers: Working hours, addresses, phone numbers, list of services

Tashkent Medical Centers: Working hours, addresses, phone numbers, list of services

When travelling, we naturally expect and prepare for the most pleasant experiences, and visiting medical centres is not typically on the list of attractions. However, unforeseen events sometimes require medical attention. Emergency medical care in Uzbekistan is provided free of charge to everyone.

We've compiled a list of the best medical centres in Tashkent, which have earned a reputation due to the quality of services and advanced technology. All of them are private, allowing you to consult with specialists, undergo invasive procedures, take tests, and get examinations on a paid basis. Public healthcare facilities are primarily for residents and require a referral from a supervising physician.

Notable medical centres in Tashkent are located near major hotels and the city centre.

Shox Med Center & Shox International Hospital & "Healthy Family" Clinic – a network of multi-profile medical clinics

Hours: 24/7, including weekends

Address: Aybek Street, 34

Phone: +998 71 202 02 12, +998 71 207 00 17, +998 71 207 10 51, hotline: 1183

Shox Med Center has been successfully operating in Tashkent for ten years. Centrally located near Mirabad Market, the train station, and the airport.

Discounts are available at night.

Services include Ultrasound (US)/MRI (+contrast)/CT scans/Endoscopy/Digital X-ray using the latest generation equipment from German brands Siemens and Karl Storz, meeting international standards. Their in-house laboratory is a competitive advantage, allowing quick test results, including online access via their website or Telegram bot, ensuring accuracy.

Visits to doctors are on a first-come, first-served basis, with a comfortable and spacious waiting area equipped with ample seating and vending machines for snacks and drinks. The following specialists are available:

 • Gastroenterologist

 • Hematologist

 • Gynecologist

 • Hirudotherapist

 • Mammologist

 • Neurologist

 • Cardiologist

 • Neurosurgeon

 • Orthopedist

 • Dermatologist

 • Ophthalmologist 

 • Otolaryngologist

 • Plastic Surgeon

 • Paediatrician

 • Proctologist

 • Pulmonologist-therapist

 • Vascular Surgeon

 • Rheumatologist 

 • General Practitioner

 • Traumatologist-orthopedist

 • Urologist

 • Endocrinologist

 • Surgeon



Shox International takes pride in its staff. All consulting doctors hold PhDs or are doctors of medical sciences and are practising specialists of the first and highest categories.

Hayat Medical Centre

Hours: 24/7, including weekends

Address: Tashkent Region, Kibray District, urban settlement Salar, Gulimamur Street, 5/1

Phone: +998 71 200 88 66, Hayat Hospital: +998 71 209-88-66

Hayat Medical Centre is a Tashkent clinic offering laboratory services, MRI scans (1.5 Tesla) +contrast, Siemens digital X-ray, Philips US, endoscopy, 3D and 4D examinations, physiotherapy and surgical assistance for acute or chronic disease stages. Established in 2015, the clinic maintains air purification for infection control in all departments.

The laboratory has Roche equipment, and results are accessible online. They offer general clinical tests, including blood type + Rh factors, detailed coprology, Rehberg's test, coagulogram, and Holter monitoring. They also have reagents for a comprehensive blood analysis for the rheumatoid panel, electrolytes, hormones, and immune status tests. An additional advantage is the mobile laboratory service.

The centre includes a polyclinic, resuscitation, surgical, diagnostic, and radiological departments, a single and double rooms hospital, and a children's Hayat Kids department with a dentist. The polyclinic offers the following consultations:

 • Gastroenterology

 • Cardiology

 • Gynaecology

 • Urology

 • Endocrinology

 • Surgery

 • General Practice

 • Neurology

 • Ophthalmology

 • Allergology

 • Paediatrics

 • Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

 • Pulmonology

 • Elastography

 • ECG

 • Plastic and Vascular Surgery



Hayat Medical Centre allows 24/7 visits to an ENT, general practitioner, paediatrician, the procedural room and US. The staff consists of top-category doctors, PhDs, and doctors of medical sciences.

Horev Medical Center

Hours: 09:00-18:00

Address: Makhtumkuli Street, 105, a 15-minute walk from "Hamid Olimjan" metro station

Hotline: +998 71 200 04 03

Horev Medical Center in Tashkent, founded under the auspices of Uzbekistan and Israel, also known as an allergy centre, has been operating successfully in Uzbekistan for 20 years. Specialists at Horev Medical Center have undergone training in Israel, and if needed, you can receive interpretations and consultations directly from Israeli professors through online communication. The centre also assists patients in obtaining treatment in Israel and handling organizational matters, including visa support. 

Services offered at the Tashkent centre include:

 • Andrology

 • Urology

 • Gynecology

 • Infertility treatment

 • Dermatology

 • Neurology

 • Cardiology

 • Endocrinology

 • Physiotherapy

 • Inpatient care

 • Ultrasound (US)

 • Balneotherapy

 • Gastroenterology

 • Cosmetology

 • Dentistry

 • Laboratory diagnostics

 •  Hair transplantation

 • CT scans

 • ENT

 • Surgery


Intermed Innovation Medical Center

Hours: 24/7

Address: Chinabad Street 10A, 1st floor

Phone: +998 78 148 22 88, 1156

Intermed Innovation Medical Center is a private clinic in Tashkent offering laboratory services, including elastography ultrasounds, continuous 24-hour Holter monitoring of heart activity, digital X-rays, 3D and 4D Doppler sonography of vessels, MRI and CT scans, ECG, and colposcopy. Consultations with a general practitioner, paediatrician, gastroenterologist-endoscopist, ENT specialist, gynaecologist, and neurologist are available for adults and children.

Intermed Innovation in Tashkent stands out from its competitors with its mobile laboratory services. The laboratory has expanded its presence in Tashkent by setting up collection points in family clinics. Appointments and online result access are available. One of the most sought-after services is PCR and antibody tests with international certification for travel. Intermed offers a unique diagnostic test – the urea breath test aimed at detecting Helicobacter pylori infection, often the cause of gastritis and ulcers.

MDS-Service Clinic

Hours: 08:30 - 17:00, 24/7 emergency and radiology services

Address: Botkina Street, 110/3

Phone: +998 78 140 00 80

Founded in 1998, MDS-Service was Tashkent's first private medical centre to offer MRI and CT scans. It has fully-equipped ambulances capable of transporting critically ill patients, including pediatric and intensive care specialists. They also provide services beyond city limits. All staff have undergone additional training and certification at the Emergency Care Center.

Patients visit for physiotherapy, radiology, lab tests, and consultations with dermatologists, paediatricians, neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, general practitioners, ophthalmologists, urologists, gynaecologists, surgeons, and ENT specialists.

Medion Clinic Network

Hours: 08:00 - 20:00, open daily; radiology department operates 24/7


Medion-SPA: Zulfiyakhanum Street, 18, Shaykhantakhur district (near the Kazakhstan Embassy)

Medion Innovation: Abdulla Kodiriy Street, 39, Shaykhantakhur district

Medion Family Hospital: Istirokhat Street, 258, Shaykhantakhur district

Phone: +998 78 140 00 44, Call Center: 1223

Medion comprises three advanced medical centres in Tashkent that offer exclusive services. They specialize in dental treatments under sedation to eliminate pain and stress. Services also include:

 • Traumatology

 • Paediatrics

 • Gynaecology

 • Neurology

 • Urology

 • ENT

 • Cardiology

 • Cardiac surgeries

 • Endocrinology

 • Allergology

 • Mammology

 • Psychology

 • Dermatology

 • Physiotherapy

 • Procedures

 • Pulmonology

 • Ultrasound (pregnancy)

 • Gastroenterology

 • EEG

 • MRI

 • CT scans

 • Endoscopy




They also offer aesthetic medicine and a SPA complex for rejuvenating treatments. Equipped with GE HealthCare and Alma international equipment, Medion received a 5-star rating from the Medical Tourism Association.

Levelmed Multispecialty Medical Center

Hours: Monday to Saturday 08:00 - 17:00

Address: Alishera Navoi Street, 21, near "Alisher Navoi" metro station (Uzbekistan line)

Phone: +998 71 200 03 23, +998 71 241 28 11

Levelmed is a multi-speciality medical centre in Tashkent equipped for:

- Clinical diagnostics (ultrasound, video colposcopy, video endoscopy)

- Therapy (gastroenterology, gynaecology, endocrinology, cardiology, ENT, urology)

- Physiotherapy (therapeutic, general, children's massages, rejuvenating, toning, anti-cellulite treatments, inhalations, paraffin, Darsonval, intravenous laser blood irradiation, ozone therapy)

- Surgery (rhinoplasty)

They have a full-service hospital and daycare facilities, providing optimal conditions for outpatient treatment.

Tashkent International Clinic

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 17:30

Address: Sarakul Street, 38, near "Tashkent" metro station

Phone: +998 71 291 07 26, +998 78 120 11 20, +998 78 120 11 44

Emergency team contact numbers (after hours): +998 90 327 33 78, +998 71 291 01 42. English-speaking doctors are available 24/7.

TIC is an authorized clinic for medical examinations required for specialized visas and immigration. The clinic also participates in the state COVAX anti-coronavirus vaccination program.

The clinic offers diagnostics across all medical specialities. Booking appointments with specialists in advance is recommended.

TIC accepts insurance policies from the following companies:

 • AP Companies   Worldwide Medical   Assistance

 • AETNA Global   Benefits

 • BUPA   International


 • VANBREDA   International

 • CIGNA   International





Gmg Medical Centre

Operating Hours: 09:00 – 17:00

Address: Yakhyo Gulyam Street, 38, near "Bibigon C-1"

Phone: +998 71 233 09 99

Gmg Medical Centre is positioned as the most high-tech medical centre in Tashkent, offering consultations in the following specialities:

 • Dermacosmetology

 • Dermatology

 • Gynecology

 • Dermatovenereology

 • Oncomammology

 • Mammology

 • Allergology

 • Neurology and Vertebrology

 • Vascular Surgery

 • Cardiology

 • Gastroenterology

 • Pediatric Allergologist

 • Endocrinology

 • Ultrasound

 • Oncogynecology

 • Oncomammology Surgeon

 • Physiotherapist

 • Masseur

 • Urologist-Andrologist

 • Pulmonologist-Allergologist

 • Surgeon-Hepatologist

 • Coloproctologist

 • Transplantologist

 • Erbium Laser Dermablate MCL 31

 • Therapist-Cardiologist

 • Pearlsmile

 • Juliet Technology


Era Med Clinic – a multi-profile Uzbek-Austrian clinic

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 08:00 – 17:00

Address: Makhtumkuli Street, 105, near the "Tashselmash" intersection

Phone: +998 90 944 08 55

Era Med Clinic specializes in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery and also provides the following medical services:

- Plastic Surgery

- Infertility Treatment

- Laboratory Tests

- Endocrinologist and Pediatrician Consultations