Ice Rinks in Tashkent 2024

Ice Rinks in Tashkent 2024

Ice Rinks in Tashkent 2024

Professionals recommend starting children on skates from the age of three, so from this age, most of Tashkent's ice rinks also start welcoming young visitors.

Regular skating sessions are beneficial for health, stretching and strengthening leg muscles, and also provide enjoyment due to the increased production of endorphins. Hence, their popularity as winter pastimes in Tashkent continues to grow.

Modern indoor ice arenas in Tashkent allow you to enjoy the pleasures of winter in the other three seasons. Moreover, many of them are situated within parks or shopping and entertainment centres, offering a variety of exciting activities and games to enjoy throughout the day. Immerse yourself in the icy world of adrenaline – what better way to spend well-deserved weekends and break away from a sedentary lifestyle? Family outings to the ice rinks can become a wonderful tradition.

All the best ice rinks in Tashkent with addresses and schedules of public skating sessions are listed below.

Ice Avenue Rink in Furkat Park.

It opened as the first in the city in 2012 and remains a favourite among the capital's residents. It operates only during the winter season. The surface is natural ice measuring 50x25 meters.

Ice Avenue impresses with its wide range of skate sizes from 28 to 45 and the assortment available for rental – figure skates (with teeth on the toe), hockey skates (rounded toe for increased speed), and children's skates.

Services of an instructor are available, as well as the rental of supportive equipment for children and novice skaters to move around the rink confidently.

A 30-hour pass system is in place. Adult tickets are available for ages 12 and up. The minimum skating time, instructor services, and equipment rental is 30 minutes. The average temperature in the pavilion is -2/-3 degrees – keep this in mind when choosing your clothing. Bring your friends and enjoy the process.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 19:30

Address: 135A Talimarjan Street, inside Furkat Park, Mirabad District

Phone: +99871 2913451, +998 95 170 68 70


Frozen Lake Indoor Rink at the Ice City "Snow Town" themed winter park.

A unique entertainment complex for the whole family covering an area of 1.2 hectares, unique for the entire CIS space. Conveniently located in the centre, behind the Next shopping and entertainment centre. It operates year-round.

The large Frozen Lake ice rink creates a magical atmosphere through beautiful themed decorations with glowing illumination around the perimeter of the 1800 sq.m. area. The surface is natural, with special lighting. The rink is divided into two sectors – figure skating and speed skating sports, taking into account their specifics. The Speed Skating zone consists of ice tracks with special coating, increasing speed, so only children over 12 are allowed here. You manage your time, so pay attention to this to avoid overpayments. Skate rental is available. The minimum skating time, as well as skate and equipment rental, is 30 minutes. Rates for children and adults are the same. Supports are provided free of charge.

In addition, there are 12 attractions nearby and areas dedicated to legendary Scandinavian Vikings. To have time to visit all the winter attractions of the park and not sacrifice skating on the ice, you can rent skates for even 30 minutes.

Snow Playground – a play area for children aged 3 to 18 with real snow, stylized as a medieval village.

Vertigo VR - a virtual reality centre immersing you into the world of superheroes. Play the Ice City AR Game on your smartphone, find the markers, and save the planet. Winners get a free ride on one of the park's attractions.

Video Game Room offers arcade games simulating snowboarding and skiing for those who want to practice for the real thing.

The theme park, Ice City, boasts the country's only indoor snow slopes, Ski Slope, for skiing and snowboarding. It recreates the thrill of skiing down a real mountain. Even beginners will find the slopes challenging, making you want to return every winter. The 46-meter descent satisfies both novice and experienced riders.

Experience a boat ride through an improvised medieval village on the Viking River, or zoom down the 40-meter-high Ice Vertigo slide on a tube.

Bob Mountain - a high-speed descent on bob sledges offering thrilling emotions. Age limit: 10 years.

Air Ballon - an aerial ride allowing you to admire the snowy city from the highest point of the complex. Age limit: 12 years.

Strollers are available for rent for families with young children. Entry to the complex is free for children under 3.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Address: 6 Babura Street, Next Shopping Center, near "Uzbekistanskaya" metro station

Phone: +998 71 209 00 77, +998 93 183 77 87

Ice City Tashkent

Indoor Ice Rink in Anhor Amusement Park

The 30x14 meter ice rink operates year-round, allowing you to practice skating and stay active regardless of the weather.

Skate rental is available in sizes 27 to 40. Minimum skating time is 30 minutes.

The food court in the building offers coffee, fast food, and other treats, including Baskin Robbins ice cream. The Park, covering an area of 80,000 sq.m, also includes a shopping centre, Drive Cinema, Axelon Karting Club, climbing wall, ENT.TER game zone with quests, laser tag, a karaoke room, and an amusement park with attractions running even in winter. There's also a beautiful photo area styled like an old town.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00

Address: 1 Labzak Street, C-12 Array, Shaykhantaur District

Phone: +998 78 150 83 83, +998 97 330 29 80, +998 93 381 70 05, +998 93 388 70 06

Multifunctional Ice Complex Humo Arena

A four-story complex covering 8.77 hectares and shaped like the wings of the Humo - bird of happiness. The complex is designed for winter sports and equipped with all necessary amenities. The arena accommodates 12,500 visitors.

There's an indoor ice rink with top-quality natural ice from Latvia and fantastic multi-coloured lighting. Perfect for practising or simply skating for fun, away from the hustle and bustle.

Skates are always available for rent in various sizes for children and adults. The polite staff will assist with choosing and using the equipment.

The third floor houses a Pan-Asian restaurant seating 150 guests and serving popular sushi. The sports bar can accommodate an additional 250 visitors.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

Address: 28B Beshagach Street, Almazar Array, Chilanzar District

Phone: +998 55 501 00 75, +998 71 203 66 45

Tashkent Humo Arena Ice Rink

Coca-Cola Ice Rink at Riviera Shopping Mall

Visit the Coca-Cola-covered compact ice rink – the first in Tashkent, located within the shopping centre.

Ice rink size: 450 sq.m, 33x15 m. Up to 50 people can skate simultaneously.

Instructors will teach first-timers to skate and confidently perform basic moves.

Skate rental is available for both children and adults. On weekdays from 10:30 to 18:00, there's a free skating promotion for pensioners. Every Friday is Family Day, with the 5th ticket offered for free. Enjoy the smooth ice!

Opening Hours: 10:30 - 21:30

Address: 4 Nodiry Street, Riviera Shopping Mall, Almazar District

Phone: +998 71 205 02 01

Tashkent Coca Cola Ice Rink Riviera