Jeyran Ecological Center, Bukhara

Jeyran Ecological Center, Bukhara

Jeyran Ecological Center, Bukhara

Jeyran Ecological Center in Bukhara is a nursery for breeding rare and endangered species. It was established in May 1997. 

It is located in the southwest of the Kyzylkum desert, 42 km from Bukhara, near the village of Karaulbazar. The eco-center has the status of a protected natural territory covering a total area of 20,000 hectares. The site belongs to the department of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Ecology and Environment Protection.

The Jeyran Ecological Center became famous because of the efficiency with which rare ungulates are bred here. During 45 years, there have been several viable populations of the jeyran (Gazella subgutturosa subgutturosa) created, which is a vulnerable and declining subspecies, the saiga, the kulan (Equus hemionus Pallas), and Przewalski's horse, which have completely disappeared in nature, and the total population in the world is not more than 3,000 animals.

In addition to the mentioned above, the territory became a shelter for other representatives of fauna. Plants, both common and rare, included in the Uzbekistan Red List and the IUCN Red List, are also part of the nursery.

Among the fauna living here are twenty-nine species of mammals, two hundred and sixty species of birds, twenty-one species of reptiles, two species of amphibians, fifteen species of fish, and over three hundred species of invertebrates.

Of these, two species of mammals, twenty-three species of birds, two species of fish, and six species of insects are included in the IUCN Red List.

The main activity is to breed rare species and rationalize the use of population resources. Desert species are also studied here through scientific research, filming, and excursions. 

Tourists can visit the site as part of multi-day tours or individual excursions. The visitors are allowed to watch and take care of the young animals here under the supervision of the nursery staff. Since it is located in a desert area, it is better to go there in the morning, when it is not so hot yet.