Chatkal Range

Chatkal Range

Chatkal Range

The Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan has always been characterized by particularly favorable climatic conditions. The location of the Chatkal Range in the northwest, protecting the oasis from strong winds and dust storms blowing from the neighboring Hungry Steppe, has played a major role in this. The Chatkal Range is an offset of the Western Tien Shan Mountains extending through Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

Greater Chimgan (3309 m), Kyzylnur (3267 m), and Okhotnichy Peak (Aukashka) (3099 m) are the highest peaks of the Chatkal Range. The width is 30 km, and the total length exceeds 225 km. The peaks over 2000 m are covered with white snow for five months a year, from November till March, and on the northern slopes, massive glaciers are shining. The local nature is famous for deep gorges, mountain rivers and lakes, vast alpine meadows, and mixed coniferous-broad-leaved and juniper forests. In spring, foothills are painted a rich red during the poppy blooming season. The range of plants cultivated in the local settlements is impressive. The composition of the soil is conducive to the cultivation of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Chatkal Mountains for recreation

Just as elsewhere in Uzbekistan, in spring and autumn, the most favorable climatic conditions are established here, and the season for mountain climbers and tourists opens.

Tourist centers of Yangiabad, Chimgan, and Beldersay, located on the slopes of the Chatkal Range, have been the favorite places for outdoor activities for residents of Tashkent since Soviet times, especially since it takes only two hours to get here and go skiing or snowboarding, take the rope road or ride a zipline.

The Chatkal Mountains are equally attractive to connoisseurs of quieter, relaxing, relaxing recreation which is concentrated around the Charvak Reservoir. Another popular tourist destination is the village of Sukok famous for its pine forest, "snake cave," waterfalls, and unusually tasty shashlik (kebab).

There are also opportunities for cognitive pastimes. Excursions to the Beldersay petroglyphs 8 km from the namesake recreation area are always exciting and memorable.