Museums and Handicraft of Uzbekistan

Uzbek Museums

Uzbek Museums

Every museum that you visit in Uzbekistan will tell you something different and amaze you in its own special way. The unique architecture, beautiful interior, and astonishing exhibits inside, which represent how rich the country’s culture is, won’t leave you unmoved. Uzbeks have always been famous for their original handicraft. Numerous original artworks in ceramics, jewelry, carpet weaving, and sheet metal embossing that you will see in local museums serve as perfect proof for that. Each piece of art hides a story behind it, and this is what makes Uzbekistan museums so atmospheric. Visiting any of them will provoke your interest even more, so you will want to continue discovering the local culture. Don’t worry, there are many options for each and every tourist! The best Uzbekistan travel destination to start with is Andijan Regional Museum, which will help you dive into the atmosphere of Uzbekistan history, offering a chance to observe and learn about more than 66,000 exhibits.

Uzbek Handicrafts

Uzbek Handicrafts

Uzbek handicraft and applied arts are famous all over the world. You have a wonderful opportunity to order your own tour around the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. There are so many places you can visit:

- embroidery workshops;

- cloth and ceramics workshops;

- old silk factories;

- wood carving workshops.

Each work you will see has a piece of the heart of its creator. Uzbekistan tourism gives you a chance to take part in the process of creating a masterpiece yourself and become one of the lucky few who have managed to feel the touch of Uzbekistan culture.

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