Uzbekistan - General Information

Capital, Neighbors, Languages, Area

Capital, Neighbors, Languages, Area

Capital & neighboring countries

Tashkent city. Сapital of Uzbekistan, in the present one of the most important business centers and attractive oriental cities of Central Asia. The architecture of Tashkent – with its 2000 year history - is unique. 

The Republic of Uzbekistan is located in a vast territory in the middle of Central Asia, mainly between Amudarya and Sirdarya rivers. It is bordering 5 neighboring republics: Kyrgyzstan in the north-east, Kazakhstan in the north-west, Tajikistan in the south-east, Turkmenistan in the south-west, in the south, on a short section, with Afghanistan.


The official language is Uzbek (Turkic origin), but the main part of the population speaks Russian (Slavonic origin). In some areas (Samarkand, Bukhara) people also speak Tadjik (Persian origin). English is getting popular among young people.

Uzbekistan Area

447,400 sq km

Country code, Religion, Climate/Weather

Country code, Religion, Climate/Weather

Country code 



Islam – 88%, Christian (orthodox) – 9%


The climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental, it varies from dry and arid, with warm summers and cool winters in the west to moderate rainfall, with temperature summers and bitterly cold winters in the east. The temperature in Uzbekistan ranges during the year, from +40˚C in summer (July and August) and -20˚C in the middle of winter (January and February). Humidity is fairly low. In spring and fall temperatures are of a more moderate nature (mid 20˚C to 30˚C)

Tourist seasons, Population, Currency Exchange

Tourist seasons, Population, Currency Exchange

Tourist seasons 

Because of the peculiarity of climate, the first half of the tourist season falls in the spring months: March, April, May, and the second half is in August, September, and October. Also, there is tourist activity in winter months for the lovers of mountains and winter sports (ski, snowboard) 


The population of Uzbekistan is around 32 mln. Ethnically the peoples on the territory of Uzbekistan are Uzbek (80%), Russians (5%), Tadjik (5, 5%), Kazakh (0, 8%), Karakalpak (3%), Tartar (1%), and others. The population is concentrated in the plains around water sources, in the valleys and deltas of the big rivers. 

Currency Exchange

The national currency is a sum.  1 sum = 100 tiyin. 

All foreign currencies can be exchanged in major banks. The preferred currencies are US dollars and Euros (Cash). It can be some difficulties with exchange money in country cities, we advise doing all changes in Tashkent. Tourists should have enough cash US dollars (new dated notes in the best condition) for most expenses.

National holidays

National holidays

National holidays and day-offs:

Day offs: Saturday, Sunday

National holidays:

1 January – New Year
8 March – International Woman’s day
21 March – Navruz
9 May – Memorial Day
1 September – Independence Day
1 October – Teacher’s Day
8 December – Constitution Day.

There are also Muslim holidays (Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, etc.), which are changing in dates each year according to the calendar (approximately 13 days) but have the official holiday status.

Business hours: Banks & Exchange offices

Business hours: Banks & Exchange offices

Working dates: weekdays
Business hours: 09:00-16:00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays
Exchange offices
Working dates: weekdays
Business hours: 09:00-18:00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays 
In big hotels: whole week and 24 hours
Credit Cards
Credit cards VISA, MASTER CARD are acceptable in major banks, hotels, stores, and restaurants (in Tashkent). In-country cities most used cash payments.
Business hours: Post offices & Department stores, shopping centers (malls), Government organizations

Business hours: Post offices & Department stores, shopping centers (malls), Government organizations

Post offices
Working days: weekdays
Business hours: 09:00-18:00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays
Department stores, shopping centers (malls)    
Working days: a whole week
Business hours: 10:00- 22-23:00
Government organizations     
Working days: weekdays
Business hours: 09:00-18:00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays
Electricity, Cuisine, Time, Health

Electricity, Cuisine, Time, Health


220 volts AC, 50 Am. Round 2 pin continental plugs are standard.


There are over one thousand dishes in Uzbek cuisine. Fruits and vegetables grown under the tender oriental sun are terrific in taste. There are about 500 varieties of Uzbek PLOV only cooked in its own way in every region. The calorie content and ecological cleanness of local ingredients are unique, Uzbek cuisine cannot be described and it should be tasted.


+5 hours ahead of GMT


No mandatory requirements for entry into Uzbekistan and no vaccinations are officially required. Tap water safe in most areas, but bottled water is recommended anyway.

Insurance, Security, Extras

Insurance, Security, Extras


As this kind of service in Uzbekistan is still developing, it is advisable to be insured at home by your local insurance company.


Individual safety boxes are not always available in Uzbekistan hotels. An essential part of your luggage is a comfortable money wallet, which may be worn under your clothing. At all times you should carry your main documents (i.e. currency, travelers’ cheque, air tickets, passports, visas, etc.) In accordance with local laws, you will be required to hand in your passport to the hotel reception on arrival to allow registration of your passport details by the hotel. Your passport will normally be available again after a few hours. Do not forget to collect it before departure. 


You are responsible for covering the cost of your hotel extras such as phone calls, room service, mini-bar in your room, and laundry. Before departing from all the hotels on the tour, please ensure that you have checked with the front desk for any personal charges that the hotel may have made to your room. 

Photography in Uzbekistan, Rent a car

Photography in Uzbekistan, Rent a car

Photography in Uzbekistan

No difficulty is put in the way of visitors who wish to photograph places of historic interest. 

Photography inside some religious monuments and in airports and railway stations or near military installations may not be allowed. If in doubt, ask your local guide. Please also note that there is a fee for photography in most sightseeing places.

Rent a car

Drive on the right. Speed limits 50-70 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on highways. 

Our company is glad to offer you: car rental services with and without a driver. Please, contact SIXT in Uzbekistan.  

Tel.: +99871 120-90-10     E-mail: [email protected]

Required: passport or ID, driver's license (for countries included in the Vienna Convention of 1968). For citizens of countries outside the Vienna Convention of 1968, it is necessary to show an international driver's license or its certified translation into Russian or Uzbek together with the original document.

Afrosiab - High-speed train

Afrosiab - High-speed train

Afrosiab high-speed train operates daily regular flights to and from the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Tashkent. 

Below you can see the schedule:



 Departure time 

 Arrival Time 


Tashkent – Samarkand (Karshi) 





Tashkent – Samarkand– Bukhara  



Tashkent – Samarkand



Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent



Samarkand – Tashkent



Tashkent – Samarkand (Karshi)



Tips, What to take

Tips, What to take


Tipping is widely used. If you are satisfied with the service, you can leave some tips. It will be gladly accepted. On average, it is assumed that the driver receives 15 USD a day, as well as a guide.

What to take

If you are coming to Uzbekistan as a tourist following items are essential to take while staying: a backpack is very useful in carrying personal things, a hat, sunglasses, light shoes, sunblock, and light-colored cotton clothes during summer and hot periods; light water and windproof jacket are useful during autumn and period of light showers and at nights in the desert.

Uzbekistan is a secular country with Muslim traditions, so we recommend wearing conservative (closed) clothes to visit the Holy places, mosques, and madrassas, as a tribute to the culture of the country. Women and men can wear slacks, shirts, or blouses with sleeves. It is NOT NECESSARILY to cover yourself with a headscarf!

Airlines in Uzbekistan, Distance between main tourist cities of Uzbekistan

Airlines in Uzbekistan, Distance between main tourist cities of Uzbekistan

Airlines in Uzbekistan

All domestic flights are operated by National Company Uzbekistan Airways. In some cases, the flight schedule can be changed without prior notice. Maximum luggage limit – 20kg per person + 5kg hand luggage. Clients should be at the airport minimum of 1.5 hours before domestic flights, and 2.5 hours before for international flights. 

Distance between main tourist cities of Uzbekistan


Tashkent – Chimgan: 
90 km
Tashkent – Ferghana: 
340 km 
Shakhrisabz – Bukhara:
290 km 


Tashkent – Samarkand: 
350 km 


Tashkent – Termez:
805 km


Khiva – Bukhara:
550 km


Tashkent  – Bukhara: 
650 km


Bukhara –  Samarkand: 
280 km 


Khiva – Urgench: 
30 km


Tashkent  – Khiva: 
1025 km


Samarkand – Shakhrisabz: 
90 km (Kitab Pass) | 130 km 


Khiva - Nukus:
190 km
TOP 10 of Uzbek cuisine with Beverages and Local desserts

TOP 10 of Uzbek cuisine with Beverages and Local desserts

1 “Osh” or “Plov” (Palov) – each region has its own method of cooking. The main ingredients: rice, meat, carrots. 
2 “Dimlama” – fried and steamed vegetables with meat or without.
3 “Manty” – dumplings (vegetables and meat in the dough)
4 “Shurpa” – there are many kinds of this local soup with vegetables and meat: noodle soup, vegetarian, chicken, dough, pea and so on.
5 “Shashlyk” – kebab with different types of meat and vegetables
6 “Samsa” – a local bakery with a different type of meat 
7 “Tandyr Kebab” – the lamb roasted in "tandoor" (local oven)
8 “Chuchvara” – local dish like ravioli
9 “Stuffed peppers” – cabbage and meat with rice and roasted vegetables   
10 “Lagman” – local noodles with sauce



Local desserts:



1.Pies, biscuits, ice cream, and fruit



2.Pakhlava, halva



3.Dried fruits, nuts

4.Alcohol    4.Local sweets
TOP entertainments in Uzbekistan:

TOP entertainments in Uzbekistan:

1 In Khiva - the national folklore show (by request, anyplace)
2 In Bukhara - Folklore show in Nodir Devonbegi madrassah 
3 Modarikhon Madrasah in Bukhara
4 In Samarkand - master classes in the craftsmen house
5 Samarkand music show, ceremony, Uzbek rites (by request, anyplace). 
6 In Samarkand – a Concert of Classical music in the Ulugbek Madrasah, Registan square
7 Samarkand theatre of historical costume "El Merosi"
8 In Tashkent – Theatre of Opera and ballet. Alisher Navoi 
9 In Tashkent – a large choice of nightclubs
10 In Tashkent – music and dance show (by request, anyplace)
11 In Ferghana - the local folklore (by request)
12 In Nurata – Kazakh folklore with the participation of the Bard (a Singer of Kazakh folklore), Yurt camp
Top – 10 Uzbekistan sightseeing:

Top – 10 Uzbekistan sightseeing:

1 Khiva: Ichan Kala Fortress
2 Bukhara: Mausoleum of Ismail Samani, Ark Fortress
3 Samarkand: Registan Square 
4 Termez: At-Termiziy 
5 Fergana: The Palace of Khudoyarkhan
6 Margilan: Silk Factory 
7 Shakhrisabz: Dorus Saodat complex 
8 Tashkent: Khast Imam complex
9 Bukhara: Summer Emir’s Palace
10 Samarkand: Ulugbek Observatory
Top - 10 things to buy in Uzbekistan

Top - 10 things to buy in Uzbekistan

1 Silk Carpets: Samarkand and Bukhara 
2 Bukhara: gold embroidery, a variety of “Suzanne”
3 Khiva: national hats, wool socks, and scarf  
4 Shakhrisabz: national embroidery 
5 Ferghana Valley, Margilan: silk cloths 
6 Fergana Valley, Rishtan: pottery 
7 Bukhara region, Gijduvan: pottery
8 Bukhara: copper embossing, metal carving
9 Tashkent: miniature paintings, wood carving Souvenirs 
10 Bukhara: gold, silver, and copper jewelry with precious stones

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, do not forget to get an official CERTIFICATE / RECEIPT of bought souvenirs (carpets, etc.) in any shop or market showing that it’s not antique. Antique time life in Uzbekistan is not older than 75 years. Without this receipt (certificate) Customs Officer can stop you and confiscate these souvenirs and start Criminal Case on departure at the airports and borders of Uzbekistan.