Chimgan Mountains Tashkent Uzbekistan



Chimgan Oromgohi Skiing Resort is located in a picturesque area 100 kilometers away from Tashkent, at the foot of mountain heights of Grand (3,309 meters) and Small (2,100 meters) Chimgan. At the end of the XIX century, Russian medical officers established a hospital in Chimgan, knowing about healing powers of mountain air and sun. And when Turkestan’s general governor’s wooden summer residence was constructed there, Chimgan became a fashionable place for recreation among townspeople.

Nowadays it is one of the most popular resorts, where both Uzbekistan is and guests in our country spend their time with pleasure. It is a wonderful place for mountain skiing, travel, and recreation.


The season starts in the middle of December and lasts until the end of March, but true fans of this sports (or leisure for somebody) ski-in snowfields until mid-June. The elevating station is located almost near a road. The flat and easy 1,500-meter route is equipped with a rope tow. The slalom route with medium difficulty level is 900 meters long and is ranked as “red route” according to international classification. Skiers are delivered to the top by the chair lift. There are several small lifts at 300-500 meter slopes, where experienced instructors provide lessons of skiing for the beginners.

Experienced mountain-skiers are offered a service of heli-skiing: delivery to the skiing route on a helicopter for descending on skis or snowboards from the top of Grand Chimgan or from the slopes of Pskem mountain range on “wild routes” length of which varies from 5 to 7 km.

You can come to Chimgan Oromgohi for one day to ski, and in the evening return to Tashkent. Otherwise, you can stay for several days. Fortunately, there are many places to stay. You can stay in a 9-story-hotel, which offers rooms with all necessary facilities, as well as a restaurant and a bar. Another option is to stay in one of the well-furnished cottages with bathroom, hot water, satellite TV, and a kitchen. The cottages are located close to the elevation stations.

The best time for skiing in the middle of February. And when the snow goes down and mountain skiing season finishes, the time of active tourist tours and mountaineering starts. This type of active recreation is especially attractive due to the picturesque natural landscapes and unique flora. It is fairly justified that the territory of the Chimgan Mountains is included in the Ugam-Chatkal National Park and is under the protection of the state.

Nowadays people come here with short-term visits in order to relax after business week stress, and with longer visits – to catch a new wave of impressions and supply oneself with cheerfulness and courage. Everyone finds what his spirit is longing for. In winter you have mountain-skiing routes. In summer you can enjoy bicycle riding, horse riding, hiking, rafting, and alpinism. There is everything here – from extreme entertainments to pleasant relaxation in a mountain hotel with swimming pool and other “civilized” joys – at any time of the year.