russian academic drama theatre of uzbekistanState Academic Russian Drama Theatre

The theatre was founded on 21 October, 1934, when the premiere of “Intervention”, the play by L. Slavin, was performed on its stage. It was a real celebration for Tashkent intellectuals – in the light of new gas lamps, the audience flocked to the theatre on foot and by first taxis that had just started running in Tashkent. Until now, this theatre remains a popular meeting place for true theatre-goers and connoisseurs of dramatic art.

Vasily Chirkin, the Art Director, and Mikhail Vulkonsky, the Director are the founders of the theatre. These were people who made a great contribution to the formation of culture of the theatre, enhancement of its creative and social activity on the basis of stage realism principles.

The Russian Drama Theatre became a link between Russian and Uzbek dramaturgy. The plays of Hamza, Sheyhzade, Abdulla Kahhar, Alisher Navoi, as well as the masterpieces of Russian classics, like Alexander Pushkin’s “Boris Godunov”, M. Lermontov, A.Tolstoy, A.Chekhov, A. Griboyedov, M.Gorky were staged at the theatre. For many years, the theatre was bearing the name of Maxim Gorky, but since the independence had been gained, it became the Russian Drama Theatre.

The seasons of Tashkent Russian Drama Theatre are original and unique, one can tell a lot about them. The history of the theatre abounds with vivid events. It has got through continuous search, ups and downs, persistent struggle for theatre art. The theatre generously revealed the treasury of world art to the audience. Freedom-loving characters of romantic dramas of Schiller and Hugo, characters of great tragedies of Shakespeare, bright and life-affirming characters of Moliere’s and Goldoni’s comedies, sparkling humor that captivated the audience, all this intellectual wealth was warmly accepted by Tashkent spectators who gave their hearts to the theatre and its actors.

Since 90s, Vladimir Shapiro has become the Art Director of the theatre. His direction is featured by clearness of conception and imagination, laconicism and consistency of the embodiment, relevance and importance of the idea. During this time, about 45 performances of different genres, by authors of different countries and cultures, have been staged. But every time the theatrer extracts from dramatic works that most important thing which is essential for the theatere here and now. It is, the same as before, a dialogue both with everybody and each one individually. Excellent acting, the Director’s discoveries and wonderful scenery make the spectator coexist, sympathize and fully empathize with the actors on the stage. This is surprising and at the same time it is quite natural for this theatre. Today, the theatre staff, brought up on the artistic traditions and modern achievements of world theatres, present their new performances to the audience.

Plays Begin: on weekdays – at 18:30, on Saturday and Sunday – at 17:00