republican puppet-show theatre of uzbekistanThere are two troupes working in the theatre: Uzbek and Russian; there are two halls in the buildings – Grand hall and Small hall. Grand hall provides special armchairs constructed in two levels – for children and for adults. When preparing to go to a puppet-show one should remember that the avenue heading to the theatre is closed for auto-transport.

That is why a short distance on the ways from Kosmonavtlar metro station to the theatre should be covered on foot. But the But pleasure experienced from the plays does worth it. Repertoire includes more than 20 plays of fairy-tale classics: “Cinderella”, “Golden key”, “Nose dwarf”, “Fire steel”, “Aladdin’s magic lamp”, “Girl with matches”, “Andersen again…” and others. A special attention is given to the plays that revive the roots of traditional folk puppet-show: “Chodir jamol”, “Chodir khael”, “Caravanserai on a Great Silk Road” etc. In its performances the theatre uses all variety of puppet-show systems – from glove puppets, string puppets, rod puppets, and shadow puppets to marionettes, parterre, stocked and finger ones.

In 1999 the Republican puppet-show theatre received a prize in Mexico City for aesthetic education of young generation. It was participating in many international festivals, and the shows were always performed on a language of a host-country – Burma, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Germany, France and other countries. A theatre building was constructed in 1979, according to a special project intended for a puppet-show, and now it is one of the sights of Tashkent. A foyer is decorated by Eastern city of fairy-tales made using colored majolica. During interlude young spectators can run around the stairs of its mysterious castles or go into a cozy yard with a blooming garden and marble fountain. A pride of this theatre is a museum that presents puppets from many countries of the world.

The exposition presents ancient Indian puppets made of wood and natural leather, a Javanese puppet – forefather of all cane puppet systems, elegant marionettes from Burma, a puppet representing a very rare Vietnamese puppet-show on water, Italian Punchinello in black mask, and many other puppets. A museum also stores a hero of Uzbek folk puppet-show of the beginning of XX century – Palvan (Hercules), who was famous for funny jokes, pointed speeches and good temper. A special display presents the theatre’s history with souvenirs from many countries of the world.

Plays Begin: at 11:00 and at 13:00, on Saturdays and Sundays.
Information taken from “IC Patent Service” CD