ilkhom theatre in tashkentIlkhom Theatre

The non-state Ilkhom Theatre, founded in 1976 by Director Mark Weil, is one of the most beloved and famous theatres not only in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, but also abroad. The tours of this theatre in many countries are sold out, and the audience takes them with incredible enthusiasm. For the last 17 years, the performances of Ilkhom theatre were presented at more than 34 international theatre festivals  in 22 countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Yugoslavia, USA, Russia, Japan, France, Poland and others, as well as in 15 non- festival tours.

This is a theatre of improvisators, actors, who can keenly hear each other. Each of its staging is always an experiment, the challenge to commonness, its own and incomparable vision. The theatre creates huge three-dimensional worlds, full of dynamics, emotions, and genuine sincerity in its tiny chamber premises, with the spectators sitting on the front seats, able to naturally touch the actors.
Today it is both a theatre and a school of dramatic art.

The contemporary repertoire of the theatre is not less intriguing than in the years of its formation. It would seem that the repertoire mostly includes so-called ‘classical heritage’, but its interpretation is so non-trivial, that the reaction to the performances of Ilkhom is always different – from total shock and rejection to delight. The value of the repertoire lies in its diversity.

This is a genuine urban theatre, keenly preserving the rhythm of modern Tashkent, in the streets of which you can hear different languages, and where the talkers can understand each other easily. For example, the play “Happy beggars” is performed simultaneously in Russian, Uzbek, Italian and Yiddish. And – such an amazing thing! – it does not require the translation..!
Concerts and creative meetings take place in the theatre, songs are sung. This is a true place of genuine creativity and creative enthusiasm.

Plays Begin: 18:30
Day off: Monday