museum of remembrance of repression victims in tashkentShakhidlar Khotirasi  (The Memorial Museum to the Victims of Repressions)

In Tashkent city, opposite the TV tower there is a Memorial Complex (Museum) called Shakhidlar Khotirasi built in memory of victims of last century’s 50-s repressions. This place of grief amazes with its uncommon beauty. Traditionally, many people come to this place to walk along its alleys and bridges. In the park there is an artificial river made in the form of meander, the Greek symbol of grief and the sign imaging inconstancy of fate. All you can see there is symbolic; all reminds the descendants of the worst thing that ever may happen to the mankind – the slaughter of congeners…The park is planted with trees brought from various places where our compatriots were in prisons and camps for the repressed. Now it is a peaceful and quiet place of bitter memories…

The Memorial itself is decorated with a whole onyx stone: in the Orient, there exists a custom to put whole stones on the graves of martyrs and saints.

The Museum exposition is represented by documents and artifacts of that epoch. You will need the services of a guide, as you will need not only seeing but also listening.

The central place in the Museum is assigned to the ominous symbol of those hard times, the prison-van of NKVD, the car which used to make people shake with fear. Among other things, you can see there many documents of judicial sentences and newspaper cuttings, imitated dugouts and vans in which convicted people were transported to the camps. There are also many photographs and life stories of people got under the wheels of that ruthless machine called Personality Cult…

Working hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Day off: Monday
Guided tours: in Uzbek, Russian and English.