amir timur museumThe State Museum of Timurids’ History was opened on October 18, 1996.

In the Museum there are more than two thousand and half exhibit units, all possessing historical value, reflecting the epoch of Timurids’ reign in 14-16 centuries; there you will see welfare items, armament samples, jewelry, books, garments of military leaders and soldiers.

Amir Temur, the founder of the great Timurid Empire, was an outstanding military leader and strategist. The borders of his empire covered the areas from Mediterranean Sea up to China, from the Caspian Sea up to the Persian Gulf. Such great people as Ulugbek, the scientist and ruler of Mawarannahr, Husayn Bayqarah, the ruler of Khurasan and Zahir ud-din Muhammad Babur, the great poet, historian and founder of State of Baburids (Great Moguls) in India, – were descendants of Amir Temur.

The Museum building is amazing with its splendor and magnificent decoration. The Tashkent City Mayor’s Office (Khakimiyat) and local enterprises such as TAPOiCh, Turon Corporation, Mikond factory (nowadays – Onyx corporation) and others contributed to construction and decoration of the interior of the Museum. The craftsmen of Usto and Mussavir Craftsmen Associations performed decoration and painting of the Museum’s walls.

The Museum holds a famous historical document known as “The Code of Temur” including 12 principles that Temur followed “both for conduct and state management”. This document narrates about the reasons why Temur “built the construction of his greatness on the foundation of Islam” and how he became a “defender and disseminator of the Prophet Muhammad’s religion” and also contains sample laws and regulations issued by Temur for civil government of the state; the book remains relevant nowadays.

In the Museum, there are always many visitors admiring the unique huge chandelier decorating the dome of the Museum and the unique historical exhibits revealing the history of Uzbekistan.

Working hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Day off: Monday