house museum of yunus radjabiYunus Radjabi (1897-1976) is a people’s artist of Uzbekistan, academic, and winner of the State Prize. Since yearly years of life he displayed his talent in music, and especially in performing traditional Oriental songs-makoms. When in 1919 Yunus entered just then opened music conservatory, he was already a mature makom-performer.

Possessing a perfect musical memory, Yunus Radjabi stared writing down folk melodies and in 1939 he published a collection called “Uzbek folk songs”. He revived gazels (poems) written by classical authors of Oriental poetry-Navoi, Babur, Fizuli and others, wrote original works himself, which were often considered to be folk art. Many years of Yunus Radjabi’s work resulted in Shashmakom – a six-volume collection of classical Uzbek music, and in “Uzbek folk music”-a five-volume edition. In 1959 he organized an ensemble of makomists (performers of makom) at Republic’s Radio of Uzbekistan, and then recorded this ensemble playing all pieces from the entire collected cycle of printed music.

All that gave an opportunity not only for preserving national musical heritage, but also became a foundation for its further development. Significance of this work for national and world culture can hardly be overestimated, because Shashmakom is a merited contribution of Uzbek people into world music art. Performing makoms is a tradition that was preserved in family of Radjabis. A son of the famous musician – Khasan Radjabi and his grandson, Aziz Radjabi, also perform makoms, contributing into this traditional and at the same time developing and lively art. Concerts of Uzbek music are held in the museum on request; audiotapes with records of Yunus Radjabi and other famous musicians can be purchased.

Working hours: 10:00 – 17:00
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Guided tours in Russian and Uzbek.
Information taken from “IC Patent Service” CD