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Address: Bokachul village, Bostanlyk region, Uzbekistan The holiday hotel Charvak


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The everyday life of most modern people passes by in a crazy rhythm. Work, family, children, domestic issues, business, friends – this is how the life goes, round and round. Surely all of these parts of our lives can be really enjoyable, however everybody needs a rest and is seeking for the opposite atmosphere to spend the vacation in.

Some people choose marine recreations, but, as a rule, this is fraught with a big quantity of other vacationists and the high-level noise around you. There are thousands of people who appreciate the mountain recreation – since the mountains bring the real rest for your soul and body, away from the civilization. But it can be problematic to sunbathe and swim in the cool mountain rivers, moreover the level of comfort is not always acceptable. And of course there are the situations when different family members want to have different types of vacation.

Only a few places can offer a “package” with the both desired pleasures – the freshness and stunning beauty of the mountain peaks, and right here in the same place – a bright warm sun, beach, clear and comfortably warm water and some excellent hotels. But such opportunity exists in the mountain areas of Uzbekistan, and in particular at the Charvak reservoir.
Mountains in Uzbekistan acomodation
This reservoir, and informally – the lake, is located approximately 100 kilometers away from the capital of the country – Tashkent. This means that, when sated with your vacation, you can make a sightseeing outing to a major city of the country. By the way, only four hours away from reservoir a beautiful Ferghana Valley is located with all its charms – for example, the ancient Chust town, known for its parks and the best in the country handmade skullcaps, is only 300 km away from the reservoir.
The lake is really big – about 37 km2, and surrounded by Tien Shan – one of the highest existing mountain ranges. This ensures the stunning views from the hotels, located near Charvak. The name of this mountain range is translated as “Divine Mountain”, which is consistent with the impressions of its contemplation. The shiny smooth surface of the lake and the majestic beauty of its surroundings – this is what all of the Charvak visitors note.


For swimming and sunbathing we recommend arriving to the mountain areas of Uzbekistan during the summer months. The days will be dry and hot – daily temperature at this time can reach 45 degrees, but this is offset by the possibility to cool down in the clear water of Charvak lake. In summer the water temperature in the reservoir is pleasantly refreshing – about 25 degrees. Such “surprises” like rains in this area in summer are not expected.
Charvak and Chimghan mountain hotels booking
Types of activities during the holidays at Charvak

Charvak reservoir is favorite vacation spot for inhabitants of nearby towns and visitors of Uzbekistan. There is an imposing list of activities for the vacationists of different ages and preferences, including:
1. sunbathing and swimming in the waters of the reservoir
2. riding water scooters and boats
3. quad biking along the shores of Charvak
4. horse riding
5. hiking in the mountains, for example, to the waterfalls
6. going to the restaurants and discos
7. examination of nearby towns and attractions
Charvak hotel Accomodation
As for places of interest, in addition to Tashkent and Ferghana Valley, there are also a few oldest in Uzbekistan historical and archaeological sights not far from your vacation spot. In particular, on the nearby river Paltau you can explore the camp of the primitive Mousterian people – Obirahmat. If you are attracted by the cave paintings of the ancient people, they can be found in the Chinar cave situated in the nearby village of Khodjikent.

Another worthy historical sight, located right near the reservoir, is Bogustan village, which is the home to two famous men of their time. These men are Sheikh Hovendi al-Tahur and Sheikh Ubaidullah Ahror who are considered to be among the wisest men and important teachers of Uzbekistan. The tomb of Sheikh Khodja Umar, the father of Sheikh Hovendi al-Tahur, Uzbeks treat as a sacred place. Also this village is known for its special food traditions – some delicious Bogustan dishes you can taste only here.

The mountain vacation in Uzbekistan will not let you get bored and allows you to experience the benefits of a “lazy” vacation and active mountain recreation simultaneously. In order to enable you to independently verify this, we offer a range of four-star mountain hotels on the coast of the Charvak reservoir.