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Address: 6, Khakikat Str., Bukhara, Uzbekistan The Kukeldash is a




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Address: Eshoni-Pir 63 street, Bukhara, Uzbekistan Boutique Hotel Minzifa can




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Address: Khakikat str 7, Bukhara, Uzbekistan Omar Khayam Hotel Bukhara is one



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Bukhara Hotels – Experience the East

Bukhara is where you should go to feel a real spirit of the ancient times. The city is full of old architectural masterpieces, preserved since the Middle Ages. The Old Town – historical part of Bukhara – hasn’t been changing for centuries. As for the accommodation options, there are guest houses, inns, and hotels, and they all proved to be the most atmospheric ones in the whole country.

Living in Bukhara

Travelers looking for a way to feel a true atmosphere of Asia, a Bukhara hotel is a perfect variant. Local hotels and guest houses are famous for their special charm. None of them is made in modern European style, which can be good news for those who need a break from reality. Many hotels are built and designed in the authentic Uzbek style. So, apart from the comfortable accommodation and excellent service, you get the traditional Uzbek hospitality and wonderful oriental atmosphere.

If you prefer living and traveling with style, you must know that there are no five-star hotels in Bukhara. However, it doesn’t mean that guest houses and four- and three-star category hotels can’t ensure the high-quality service and comfortable conditions. We will help you make a choice, giving information on the best Bukhara hotels. The favorite ones we can offer are:

  • Asia Bukhara
  • Omar Khayyam
  • Zargaron Plaza
  • Malika
  • Devon Begi
  • Kukeldash

More About Hotels in Bukhara

The Asia Bukhara Hotel is a nice hotel that belongs to the popular Asia chain and will provide you with comfortable living conditions and good service. Living in the historical part of the town, you will easily get to numerous places worth seeing. You don’t actually need transport – you can easily walk by foot to wherever you need. The hotel itself is beautiful and cozy, and you can get assistance from a friendly staff whenever you need.

The Omar Khayyam Inn is a reasonable choice for those who prefer living a private sector. It combines an authentic Uzbek style and modern design of the rooms. And the service will certainly satisfy even extremely demanding guests.

The Zargaron Plaza Hotel is situated right between the old and the new parts of the town. You will easily get to historical sights from there, and after uncovering the treasures of Bukhara, you will have rest in big, comfortable rooms. You can also enjoy marvelous views from a terrace or sit in a traditional Eastern patio.

The Malika Bukhara is another Bukhara hotel that belongs to a popular hotel chain. It also manages to combine the new and the old. Classic patterns, which are usual for western visitors, and authentic oriental parts co-exist in the design of this hotel. Standards of a popular chain promise high-quality service, and the restaurant will pleasantly surprise you with delicious food.

The Devon Begi is conveniently sited within a walking distance from the Old Town and its main attractions. It won’t take effort to get wherever you need and return quickly when you are exhausted after a long day. With traditional Uzbek interior and exterior designs, this hotel features very cozy rooms.

The Zargaron hotel is in a beautiful, peaceful part of Bukhara that will give you a feeling as if you are in an old Eastern fairy tale. The hotel is designed in a way resembling an old merchant house; it will make you feel a true oriental spirit but with modern comfort. When you are hungry, you can always get plenty of delicious food in a themed restaurant and have a drink in a roof bar.

The Kukeldash Hotel, Bukhara is bright and stylish. You can reach it from the airport in a couple of minutes. But it still belongs to the older part of the town, and this fact means you can enjoy marvelous views and unforgettable atmosphere. The hotel is designed in a traditional way and decorated with style, so you may get a feeling as if you are in a little palace. If you do want to make your stay luxurious, this is the option for you.

Visiting Bukhara

Now as you have got some idea of where you can stay while you are in Bukhara, you are almost ready for the trip. You can find more information about every hotel we collaborate with here, on our website.