1. How much will the trip cost?

The price of the whole trip depends on the purpose of your visit to Uzbekistan. The prices of the tours given by our company do not include the air flight from your destination. Please check the prices for the air flight with your local Airlines or look up for the closest Uzbekistan Airways representation to you (click here). So depending on the cost of the air ticket + the services you are interested in will give you the final cost. Travel expenses for hotel services are presented in Hotels Section. If to speak about an estimated cost of expenses for the most popular seven-day tour across Uzbekistan, including cities – Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, — that it will manage on one person within 700 dollars + air ticket. The exact cost can count up our tour-operators, who will consider all features of your route. The prices on foodstuff aren’t great in Uzbekistan. There is a local good quality analog to almost each import product. Here are a lot of vegetables and fruit. The goods of local manufacture are rather competitive and inexpensive.

2. What are the sights of interest in Uzbekistan?

The sights of interest are listed in the description of each city. Please visit any city that you preffer and find a detailed description of local sights of interest. However note, that the main interesting part of Uzbekistan, is that it’s been a part of the Great Silk Road and preserved the monuments of 13th – 16th centuries.

 3. What is the climate in Uzbekistan? Will it fit me?

Climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental, it varies from dry and arid, with warm summers and cool winters in the west to moderate rainfall, with temperature summers and bitterly cold winters in the east. Temperature in Uzbekistan ranges during the year, from +40+45 C in summer (July and August) and -20?C in the middle of winter (January and February). Humidity is fairly low. The most favorable time for travel – from March till July and from September till November. At this time air temperature keeps on a comfortable mark of +20+30 degrees, deposits are short-term. But also in summer and winter months there is a set of the pleasant features for travel across Uzbekistan.

4. What religion is in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan – the multi religious country in which toleration is the dearest virtue. The great bulk of believers practices Islam 88%. Many Christians (orthodox), a diocese of the Bishop Tashkent and Central Asian Vladimir are located in Tashkent, and as one of the most beautiful orthodox temples in the Central Asia. There is a majestic Catholic church in which often take place organ music concerts. There is a set of synagogues, Buddhist temples and other meeting-houses.

5. What languages do people speak?

The official language is Uzbek (Turkic group), but the main part of the population speak Russian (Slavonic origin). Russian is language of international dialogue.  In some areas (Samarkand, Bukhara) people also speak Tadjik (Persian group). English is getting popular among young people. Excellent multilingual speaking guides services are easily available throughout the country.

6. How to get a visa to Uzbekistan?

The visa is necessary for any foreign citizen who’s wishing to visit a foreign country. More detailed information about getting a visa to Uzbekistan find HERE
Please for more information you can contact us by e-mail: anastasiya@dolores.uz

7. What is the national currency?

National currency is soum. 1 soum = 100 tiyin (cents). 1$ = * soum (left table at CURRENCY RATE). All foreign currencies can be exchanged in major banks. The preferred currencies are US dollars and Euros (Cash). In country cities there are difficulties with exchange, advice to do all changes in Tashkent or ask your Tour leader/driver. Tourists should have enough cash US dollars (new dated notes in best condition) for most expenses.

8. Are credit cards accepted in Uzbekistan?

Credit cards VISA, MASTER CARD are acceptable in major banks, hotels, stores and restaurants (In Tashkent). In country cities most used cash payments.

9. What voltage is used in Uzbekistan?

220 volts AC, 50 Am. Round 2 pin continental plugs are standard.

10. What is the time difference?

+5 hours ahead GMT in summer; +4 hours in winter

11. Do I need to bring my insurance with me?

As this kind of services in Uzbekistan is still developing, it is advisable to be insured at home by your local insurance company. All details can be learned from our tour operators.

12. What should I wear for the tour?

If you are coming to Uzbekistan as a tourist following items are essential to take while staying: a backpack is very useful in carrying personal things, a hat, sunglasses, light shoes, sun blocks and light colored cotton clothes during summer and hot periods; a light water and windproof jacket is useful during autumn and period of light showers and at nights in the desert. Uzbekistan is a conservative country, though with Muslim traditions; therefore clothes should be conservative. Women and men may wear long slacks and shirts or blouses with sleeves.

13. I want to rent a car in Uzbekistan, what are the requirements?

International Permit required. Minimum age is 18 years. Drive on the right. Speed limits 50-70 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on highways. Car rent with driver is widely offered rather than without driver.