tashkent_theatres1History of dramatic art in Tashkent officially begins in 1934. Four years later, after proclamation of Tashkent as the capital of the republic it was opened its first Drama Theatre, which borrowed the name of Maxim Gorky, now – the Russian Academic Drama Theatre. For Tashkent citizens it was a real celebration. Till now it is a favorite vacation place for many people.

In the fact of that the modern entertainment industry offers more recreation and leisure facilities, theaters are still a favorite place to visit in Tashkent. Non-State theater in Tashkent Ilkhom is known, loved and waited for going on tours all over the world. Each performance of this unique theater in Tashkent is a great event, experiment, challenge and consummate skill.

Tashkent people looking forward to the theatrical season, most of them do not miss any premiere.

Tashkent dramatic art is saturated by the best things that ever existed in the world, and added its own, national spirit and enthusiasm.

Uzbekistan school of dramatic art is recognized by critics all over the world as one of the most outstanding, which gave the way to many famous honoured art and cultural workers.

Visiting of any theater in Tashkent, Drama Theatre, Music and Comedy Theater or Big Academic Theatre is a mandatory program for every intelligent and indifferent person. It is an unforgettable experience and wonderful time which Tashkent people can spend.
In theater Ilkhom or in Uzbek Dramatic Theatre there is some performances without words, based on music, movements and dance. This kind of action is available to any traveler.
Tashkent Theaters are waiting for you!

You always can ask for help and contact managers of Dolores Travel Services to get tickets and information about performances!

Tashkent is known as a city with cultural programs which are not only museums and memorials but theaters and operas as well. There are so many theaters and concert halls you can visit during your stay in Tashkent.

img-70Depend on the choice of the guest it is easy to find theater to go. It can be Uzbek Drama Theater, Opera & Ballet Theatre, Tashkent State Musical Comedy Theatre and many others, which start the performance from 5.00 or 6.00 PM 7 days a week.

Abror Khidoyatov Uzbek Drama Theatre, 2 Uy’gur St (tel. 2441170).
Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan, 24 Otaturk St (tel. 2338165).
Aladdin Theatre Studio, 5 Sharof Rashidov Avenue (tel. 2391951).
Alisher Navoi Opera & Ballet Theatre, 28 Otaturk St (tel. 2339081).
Bakhor Concert Hall, 5 Paradlar Alleyasi, Independence Square (tel. 2364610). Home to celebrated Bakhor (Spring) Uzbek dance troupe and music recitals.
Conservatory, Abai St. Can’t miss it. Concerts too at old home: 31 Pushkin.
Khamza Uzbek State Academic Drama Theatre, 34 Navoi Avenue (tel. 2441751).
Mukimi Uzbek State Academic Drama Theatre (Musical), 187 OlMazaar St (tel.453655).
Real Cinema, (tel. 2331194), behind the Quality Hotel (tel. 2331194), has Hollywood films in English on Friday and Saturday nights.
Republican Puppet Theatre, 1 Kosmonavtlar Avenue (tel. 567395). Delightful theatre of Uzbek and international fables also featuring a puppet museum.
IMG_8589State Uzbek Theatre of Young Spectators, 8 Zarqainar St (tel. 405054).
Tashkent State Circus, Hadra Square (tel. 2443591). Weekend afternoon performances.
Tashkent State Musical Comedy Theatre (Operetta), Choponota St, Kvartal-C (tel. 778611),
Theatre Ilkhom, (‘Inspiration’), 5 Pakhtakor St, beside Hotel Shodlik Palace (tel. 2422241). The brightest and best of experimental theatre, mime and farce.
Turkiston Concert Hall, 2 Navoi Avenue (tel. 2391425). Boasts indoor spectaculars, music, dance and outdoor theatre.
Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan, 55 Navoi Avenue (tel. 2441087).

Tashkent Theaters are waiting for you!