Uzbekistan is traditionally considered to be a gastronomic country with highly developed food culture. National food dishes of Uzbekistan are very popular and recognized beyond the country.

In Tashkent, you can find a meal at every turn; the main thing is making a good choice in accordance with your preferences.

Tashkent restaurants offer their guests various dishes borrowed from the cuisines of almost all the world’s nations. Those restaurants are popular where European Fooddishes are cooked with introduction of some national cuisine peculiarities; such restaurants are represented by French coffee house, Russian restaurants, Italian pizzerias and many others. They are basically meant for native people who are quite fastidious about the places where they come to have rest and meal.

In Tashkent restaurants gourmets can find the exotic fish dishes. Japanese restaurants, Indonesian and Turkish food and beer pubs are ever open for the guests.

National Uzbek Food dishes are served both at luxurious restaurants and in small cozy tea-houses (called chaykhona), a lot of which you can find in Tashkent. In such tea-house (chaykhona) you will be surely offered green and black tea, various kinds of pilaf (rice, meat, carrot, onion, spices) which can be recognized by the region where it is traditionally cooked: Tashkent pilafSamarkand pilafBukhara pilaf as well as various kinds of shashlik (kabob) including those made of vegetables for the guests who prefer vegetarian food. And, of course, fresh appetizers are served anytime.

Recently, the so-called Pilaf Houses have become very popular. They are large restaurant-like rooms where one can watch the process of cooking various dishes. You can also see the way they cook naryn – a specific noodle-and-horse meat dish, as well as samsapilafkhasyp and many kinds of soups. The guests may observe the stuff boiling in front of them and then served hot and hot!

The fast food is represented by Turkish and national dishes, though in fast food items one will be offered some special dishes, complete lunch and business lunch which is distinguished from European approach to fast food industry.

In Uzbekistan, people are known to be careful towards food and bread. The essential condition to be strictly observed by cooks is cleanliness while cooking and use of fresh ingredients, which is dictated by the hot climate, tough competition and is the matter of traditional approach.

The long and the short of it is you will far and near find the meal and will never stay hungry while in Tashkent!

Particularly each café provides vegetarian dishes.

The cost of a complete lunch depends on a place – in cafés and tea-houses (chaykhonas) it is more affordable to common people. It is the very case when the quality exceeds the price. The entourage of the cafés and restaurants should be given particular accent to. Many of them are situated alongshore the canals which provide grateful coolness, designed in national or some specific style, with nice furniture and dishware.

For the last few years, payment by card is acceptable in the cafés and restaurants of Tashkent.