Citizens of Uzbekistan are justifiably proud of the Tashkent metro, Central Asia’s first and bursting with decorative intent. The Tashkent metro stations are ones of the most beautiful in the world and metro architecture is traditionally a destination for travelers and guests during Tashkent sightseeing tours.

Tashkent is the only city in Central Asia which has underground stations. The underground system was built the 7th in former Soviet Union after Moscow, Saint- Petersburg, Kiev, Baku, Tbilisi, Harkov. Tashkent subway construction was begun in 1973, and five years later on 25th of July the first train rolled. Extensive rubber padding makes the system, around 40 kilometres and growing, as earthquake-proof as possible. Now Tashkent metro has 29 stations, each completely unique. The architectural and artistic decoration of each station reflects its name. The Tashkent metro has three lines: Chilanzar, Uzbekistan and Yunus-Abad.


The peculiarity of Tashkent Subway is the rather shallow depth of its stations. Some stations have escalators, 7 are of a “tower” type, 4 of an “arch” type and one (Mustakillik station) a “tower-individual” type.

tashkent-metroThe leading Uzbek architects and artists took part in the designing of the stations. In the interior decor were used solid and stable materials: metal (engraving), glass, plastic, granite, marble, smelt, art ceramics, and carved alabaster. Each station is an original work of art, devoted to a certain theme. Cotton is a common motif, from the mosaics of Pakhtakor (cotton worker) to the boll lamps of Uzbekistan; cupolas drip with gold leaf at Alisher Navoi, while Kosmonavtlar offers ceramic discs of cosmonauts floating in a spectral sea.

Besides being the most convenient way to traverse the city, and a cool escape from melting avenues, its stations cry out to be appreciated, although photography is forbidden, and stiffing Soviet-era reliefs have fled several stops.

Tashkent subway is the favorite means of transport of people in metropolis. You can go to any part of the city in a guaranteed amount of time (The interval between trains is 240-600 seconds – depending on the time of day and the particular line).

The ticket fare for the Tashkent metro is 1000 soum (USD 0.40)