Shayh-Zaynuddin-MosqueSheikh Zaynuddin Mosque was initiated in XVI century. The mosque is still working. Local Muslims come to the Shayh Zaynuddin Mosque on the basis of five principles of Islam as: faith to God, Namaz (prayer) five times a day, daytime fastening of Ramadan, help to needy people and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).

After Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan the mosque obtained new life. In 1996, the reconstruction of Sheikh Zaynuddin Mosque was launched and finished in 1999. Today the mosque has good comfortable space and flower garden. The peace and calmness reign in the mosque.

Shayh Zaynuddin was the author of religious works and master of Sufism order Suhravardiya. The exact dates of his birth are unknown. It is estimated that Shayh died when he was 95 year old.

It is possible that he was the son of Sheyh Ziyaddin Jahima Suhravariya, the founder of order Suhravardiya (1097 – 1168) which send Shyah Zaynuddin to Tashkent to spread the idea of own order. Shayh Zaynuddin was buried in cemetery of Orifon settlement after Kukcha gates (today territory of Tashkent). At the walls of mausoleum there is underground cell of 12th century where Sheyh Zaynuddin spend in isolation 40 day meditations (chilla) and chartak which is dated from 14th century.

Mausoleum was build in 16th century and reconstructed at the end of 19th century. Dimensions: 18x16m; 20.7m height