img-37Barak Khan Madrassah is located to the east of popular for tourists Tashkent Chorsu Bazaar, among the clay-walled buildings of local Uzbek houses and Friday Mosque. Today, the madrassah is situated in the oldest part of Tashkent city in the beautiful religious Complex Khazrat (Hast) Imam.

Barak Khan Madrassah was formed during 15-16th centuries from buildings which were constructed in different periods. First there was mausoleum in the east part of today’s complex. Second was dual domed mausoleum and Khanaka (place for pilgrims), build in 1530 in the honor of the ruler of Tashkent Suyundj Khan Sheybani.

In the middle of 16th century, complex reconstructed into madrassah, was called with the name of ruler of that period Navruz Ahmed (he was a son of Suyundj Khan Sheybani), with nickname Barak Khan. Barak Khan Madrassah in Tashkent has a courtyard which is surrounded by one-story khudjras, rooms for students. Inside are some late burials among which, incidentally, Barak Khan or Nauruz Ahmad is not present: data sources show that he died in 1556 and was buried in Samarkand.


IMG_9200The artistic design of the portal of Barak Khan Madrassah is not usual for Tashkent. The main facade is split by a portal with a half-octagonal niche, where the glazed tiles have been preserved. It creates a uniform composition. Its arch is made like niche – kolab-kori; tympans and pillars inside of the walls decorated carved bricks and different mosaic. The complex of Barak Khan Madrassah has survived to the present, albeit with major damage and loss.

The decor of the entrance peshtak (portal) of the madrassah has now been restored. The name of master who did restoration is Usto Shirin Muradov.

Today, Barak Khan Madrassah is the place where tourists can can buy a lot of souvenirs and enjoy the handicrafts of the local Uzbek masters: handmade suzannes, silk scarves in famous ikat style, skull caps, carpets, paintings, jewelries, ceramics, Uzbek folklore music instruments, carved woodworks: jewelry boxes, card holders and lyaukhs (bookrests).