Amir Temur Square is the heart of the city. It is situated in a picturesque place of rest of the Tashkent people and the guests of the city.  It is an ideal place for local people’s leisure, especially during hot summer days; the beautiful fountains provide cooling moisture for tourists. The Amir Temur Metro Station is quite close to the square.

The main square of  Tashkent, now named “Amir Temur Square”, first was established in front of Turkestan military district office by initiative of M.G. Chernyaev and under project of architect N.F. Ulyanov in 1882, at the crossroad of 2 main streets of new town – Moscow street and Kaufman’s avenue and was named “Konstantinov Square” . Originally it was highway.

Originally here instead of park was Konstantinov Square, the biggest square in the town. It wasn’t paved so was dusty in dry and hot times and dirty during rainfalls. The main idea of planning the park was crossing it by 2 main streets – Kaufman and Moscow streets, which divided the park into 4 pieces and pass through it. At the same time, there was another road around the park and other roads connected to it.

In the centre of the park there is a monument of Amir Temur (Tamerlan) who was the prominent political figure and military leader of the Middle Ages. Tamerlan or Temur-lame created a huge united empire which had been stretching from Caucasus till China and from Siberia till India. Temur’s empire had a long existence for 200 years (XIV-XVcc.). The horseman mighty attitude and his outstretched hand symbolize protection, promise of peace and prosperity. The inscription on the monument says: “The power is in justice”.

The plan of Amir Temur Square represents a ring system of planning. The 8 paths of the square start 8 streets of the city which are oriented on cardinal points and stretched from the Amir Temur monument. The main roads to all parts of our country and to neighbor countries take their start here.

Amir Temur Square is surrounded by a number of buildings such as Uzbekistan Hotel, The State Museum of the History of Temurids, two buildings of Tashkent Juridical University and the famous Tashkent chiming clock.

In 2009 Tashkent people celebrated one of the greatest holydays – 2200 Tashkent Anniversary. Specially for this great date as a present to Tashkent people beautiful Palace of Forums and second tower of Tashkent chiming clock were built in the square of Amir Temur.