kalta-minarMinaret Kalta-Minar (“short”) was planned to be most big in Muslim East (foundation diameter 14.2m). According to plan, the height of minaret estimated to be 70-80m, with diameter lessen sharply with height, which would strengthen the minaret. But the construction stopped at 29m.

As per note of Munis, the historian of Khiva, construction was not finished because of the death of Khan in 1855. And legend says that Emir of Bukhara, find out about the construction of unique minaret in Khiva, and wished to build one in Bukhara too. He agreed with master to build another on in Bukhara after he finishes construction in Khiva. But Khan Khiva heard of this deal and ordered to kill the master when he finishes the construction in Khiva. This order get to masters ears and he run away, leaving minaret unfinished. Kalta-Minar is known due to his incompleteness, and also due to unique décor. Kalta-Minar – the only minaret in Khiva, which fully covered with glazed tile and majolica.